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UNIT: Vehicles and conversions

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So I was looking at the Holliday Sophie Sleigh, and thinking one could take it off the flying base, remove Sophie and gifts, and with the addition of two horses and Orba Sinhan, make a killer Warlord model.


How would you base it in order to use it in the game? How would you use it in the game?


The alternatives I see:

1. a single model on a Super base. This would have a single datacard, and the model itself would contain Orba, two horses, the sleigh, and possibly a couple archer grunts in back. There is no way to stat this out, given the resources in the Warlord book. It'd probably be a solo model.


2. One model on a Giant Base, pulled by two models, each on Cavalry Bases, and carrying 1-3 models each on standard bases. This means you can stat out the individual components (still can't stat out a riderless horse), but there is no way to stat out the sleigh itself, other than by treating it as a mobile terrain peice. It'd probably be a troop in and of itself.


Option 1 would look coolest.


Option 2 would play best.


What do y'all think?

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If it were to play, then I'd say single model on the base it would best fit.


In Warlord, as you take damage, your stats go down. Well, on this, if you take damage, your MOV would go down, representing one of your ponies getting picked off.


Instead of complicating things by having a bunch of different cards that affect each other, just make a single one that already represents you taking damage and the like.

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Not sure the best way to handle it, but you are right, it would open up a whole slew of possibles in terms of carts, Door-rammers, catapults, etc...


How is the Dwarf canon handled? I know its not the exact same thing, but its a start related to a non character item.

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the dwarf cannon would fall under "seige engine" IMHO. That would be one card and damage would represent loss of crew or aiming devices.


The chariot could be one card for the horse(s) and cart and driver (weak mav, 0 rav). Another card for the archers as they could become independant models if the cart was used as a personnel carrier instead of a chariot.

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I'd treat the sleigh like a totem except you'd need two cavalry based models to pull it instead of four grunts. The sleigh only special ability would be the ablility to transport models. Also it would the transported models to use both of their actions without spending them on movement.


In other words archers could use marksman ability and still move while in the sleigh.


I hope that makes sense I'm still asleep

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