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MSP color question (ASAP please)


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Alright, I'm going to be ordering a few colors to try out the new line before diving in whole hog and ordering the whole sha-bang, but......


Is the Imperial Purple a true purple, or is it a bit grey as represented in the casketworks graphic?


Also, I remember reading that Anne thought the pigment in the gold was a little large in a pre-release critique, is this still so?


Finally, am I going to be hooked and have to decide if I'm ordering the set first or buying my new camera first? :lol:


I am going to order four colors to start and I am always on a quest for good metallics and good purples but want to try four different colors so toss a girl a bone here, please. :;):



Orchid - who just contracted primer weather interuptus via emptied can :rolleyes::lol:



Oh yeah, when is Reaper going to give us a spray primer that will work in any weather? :lol::lol::lol:

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Okie, so this is a bit late, sorry Orchid. ::(:


First, yes, the Imperial purple is a teensy bit grey; we did that for coverage. There will probably be a bright, transparent purple coming out this summer, if schedules hold true. The metallics are a very good grade, flake values are very fine and there aren't any odd random "sparkly bits". If you were going to pick up a purple, though, I'd almost go with Nightshade, which is the very dark purple. I haven't seen anyone else ever make quite that color. ::): Imperial is also a good purple. If you like your purples quite red, Burgundy Wine is a *phenomenal* color, very versatile. So far my favorite colors are Muddy Brown, Nightshade Purple, Burgundy Wine, Blood Red, Tanned Skin, Leather Brown, and Twilight Blue. ::D: For the metallics, I love all of the Silver-toned metallics, and in the gold-tone metallics especially like Antique Bronze.


Hope that helps--even if I missed your order. ::(: I hope you like the paint!!


--Anne ::):

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I do appreciate it. ^_^ And Ladystorm PM'ed with some info that helped me pick four "scattered" colors from the line (well...two are metallics so not as scattered, but hey).


The Antique Bronze is the goldtone metallic that I went with, it looks like a gorgeous color.


Anyhoo, thanks again to you both, and I can't wait.





Orchid - having to wait till monday to continue her quest for a very special pigment <_<

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