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It has become clear to me that we need to reorganize the groupings of this forum to some extent. Our sections dedicated to the craft of miniatures and the online RPG thing seem to be running as they should. However, with the introduction of ReaperGames.com and all, it seems to me that some of these forums should get shuffled a bit. I have some ideas, of course. I don't post these sorts of messages without having some sort of idea first, but if anyone has any suggestions now would be a good time to put them out on the floor.


Reorg in a week or so after the new year.



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I'm not sure exactly what you mean by reorganizing but here's some random thoughts about what I think you mean.


CAV deserves a CAV thread instead of just general sci-fi.


Maybe a show-off thread under each category, i.e. one in the CAV thread and one in the Warlord thread?


A fan-fic thread for CAV and Warlord in their own categories?


I hope this isn't a sore subject but do we really need the R.A.F. thread?


Lemme think a few minutes.......

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I totally agree with a CAV forum thread sepearate from General Sci-Fi.


Having the Black Lightning area back would be nice, but the previous clashing of egos may not allow it. I can certainly understand why Kit and Matt made the decision to axe it.


Keep show-off in one forum. I can't count the times I've seen people post how a model from one genre has inspired them to paint their first mini from the other. If you split them up.


Here's my Take:




Reaper Discussion

Reaper Store

The Asylum

Reaper Con

Black Lightning (if it comes back)


Reaper Games

Rage General



Lightning Strike Announcements (for All games) Add new game forums as needed.


General Discussion



Modern and Historical

Off-Topic Rampancy


Craft Corner

Keep it as is, maybe move "Fiction, Poetry and other abuses" to this section


The Sandbox

Keep it as is, except for the move mentioned just above.


Also, I don't think we need Reaper/non-Reaper sections for show-off. Kit Said a long time ago he didn't care, and told people to stop apologizing. I think the show-off section does a good job of exposing people to stuff they haven't seen before. Splitting up that forum in anyway limits what people can get out of it.


Hope this helps!


[Edit: Added Category for Reaper Store]

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I was not here when there was a BL only section. I can see it could be very usefull, but I can also see it could become a sore subject very quickly. Is it possible that it only shows up for AO's? (like on Reaper's main page). I suspect there is an admistrators only thread that works similarly? (invisible to the rest of us mere mortals.)


As much as I used to enjoy flying R/C. I do not think it belongs here.


CAV deserves the same treatment as Warlord


CAV / Sci-Fi

- General Sci-Fi

- Events




Slightly off-topic, could the Warlord HQ site link the FAQ and Errata here or vice-versa. The errata is not on the Warlord HQ site and I have a hard time convincing some people that my skeletons are so cheap.

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I think Erion made an excellent suggestion in the above post, especially in the Reaper Games area.


I also agree that the Show Off section should not be split up. We don't get enough new threads added to that section on a daily basis to justify a split, nor could I imagine the headache of going through each and every thread to find out "is this a Reaper or not" for the old posts.


Maybe archiving some of the really old (like, from 3 years ago) threads and putting them in an archive section for download? Some threads, such as from the Off Topic Rampancy, don't need to continue to really exist (like all the Happy Birthday threads... I've got three just to wish me a happy b-day in my time here). I think the only threads that really need to stick around are things that give a lot of advice, such as those in the Craft Section. Maybe archive only those threads from two years ago?

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The old BL section did only show up for AO's. We (I'll admit I let some of the worst offenders get me riled up) let it get out of hand and Kit shut us down.


Let's just say there were some very strongly held opinions about how things should be done.

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Hey I was just brain-storming ::P: I like Erion's idea's for reorganization. Very common-sensical (is that a word?) layout. ::):


Cher and Bryan do a great job of keeping us AO's informed and they're both really responsive to requests of any sort. I don't really see us needing that thread back.

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And Mil-Net being down today renforces my argument. :devil: GRRR.


And yes, the reaper peeps keep us very informed, but if one of us has a concern, or a question, or even wants to toot their own horn about a great demo weekend. It would be nice to have a Reaper sponcered plase we can chat, and if the muckity-mucks get too mucky, remove them.


Just my 2 cents, again.

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Added a section to my huge earlier post for the Reaper Store.


Lots of times people ask how something works, or have a problem and this would be a great place for visibility rather than having them get lost in one of the other sections.


Also, Fewer stickies/pinned topics please, or at least allow more topics to list on each page.

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I've got a suggestion to add to what's ben thrown out, a pidgeon hole in the craft section for all the exchanges. Not only would this lessen the number of stickies in GD, it would also make it VERY easy for anyone interested to jump in or see what's up. Just an idea. ^_^

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