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A couple minis


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One of the guys at my local store is starting a desert-based army, so he asked me to do up a couple of HQ models for him. I couldn't think of much else, so why not use Dune?


You can see the house Atreides symbol on this Throne of Judgment.


You can see spice eyes on this rather pleasant looking Inquisitor.


Both of these were rather quick jobs, started on Thursday and finished about an hour ago, but I am generally pleased with them...and less than pleased with my camera (as usual). :rolleyes:

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The Dune movies were great so I must say its a brilliant idea to use it for the desert imperial guards. ::D:


I have noticed that Warhammer 40k is getting more Gothic and Darker Gone is the days of Red Bolters and bright yellow and blue armours.

A move in the right direction I would say. Tho I think they should try to stay away from getting to morbid since alot of kids play the games.


Very cool minis I am sure he will love them.

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