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Question: Pain Cage

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Here's a question that I had after Saturday's game. Note that we eventually killed the Witch Queen, so this isn't sour grapes or anything.


A Darkspawn kills Braug the ogre, and gets three tokens for the PC. Braug gets up, swipes at the darkspawn and gets killed in defensive strike. Does the PC get three more tokens?

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I am presuming that he got up again because of a successful toughness check, then got hosed again.


I can't imagine that it would count as a kill until he failed a toughness check and was dead dead, not just lying on the ground gathering his strength dead.


I don't know if I am misreading the situation though.

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Can we get an official clarification?

Please? Soon?


As the Darkspawn player in question, I'd just like to have the official decision, so we can be sure we're getting it right next game.



Oh, and tell me, Frosch, which is more annoying... the catapult, or the paincage? 'Cause I'm still thinking that my Rhino looks good on that base.... ;)

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PLEASE don't think I mean ANY disrespect here, but I'm not sure what the confusion is.


The rules are clear:


Toughness - When a model with toughness is dealt enough damage to kill it, it is instead only 'stunned' until it makes its Toughness check. Failing its toughness check kills it.


Pain Cage - When a model is killed, you get the tokens.


The ogre was NOT killed when he first went down. Mearly stunned. No pain tockens are gained until a model is killed.

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