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This is the first mini I've painted (and finished) for myself in a while.

I'm in the midst of a pile of stuff for my flgs, and I just had to do something for me.


I tried to go for a natual dark auburn for her hair.

This was achieved with a base of leather (tan), and various washes of mixes of chestnut, blood red and orange, and a couple of glazes of a blood red and orange mix.


uhm ... not a whole lot else to say.

I bought a pot of Citadel's black ink, and decided to use that for the darklining, and the fine work on the scroll. I think it worked well, I like it a lot better than having to mix up a thin enough black to work with.


And I tried to make it look like there was some sort of liquid in the flask (which I tried to make look like glass) that's attached to her hip. The bluish tinge was actually done with the same green that I did her dress in, it just didn't lighten to green.


And this was my second attempt at cutting a mini off of it's original base in order to attach it to my own. I think it turned out well.


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WOW! Wonderful base! And I love the 'half full bottle of liquid' effect you did. Very nice! :wub:


And you did a great job on a face that is a tough sculpt to work on. I've done this mini twice, and the scuplting on the face, especially the eyes, can be very tricky to make look right. You seemed to have managed it just fine! ^_^

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Constructively, I'd say there are certain areas where the darklining looks a little thick.  Can't wait to see your next.

I definitely agree with you on the darklining. I still have to get my fine brush control down.


Thanks everyone for the compliments on the face.

heh, The left eye just sort of accidentally happened, and then I had to re-do the right eye about 5 times to get it to somewhat match - I'm glad it turned out okay.

this was also my first attempt at adding eyeshadow, but it's really only noticeable on the actual mini.

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