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The Shine

Cardolan Longstrider, Mini Exchange

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On December 23rd I got an email from work from my girlfriend telling me that I just received a package from Singapore. I was excited right away cuz I knew what it was. That night I had to pick up some presents that I had ordered and I would be coming in late. I went and did all my running around as fast as I could because I wanted to get home and open this gift to me. Finally I got home and opened the envelope. Inside I found a nicely wrapped mini x-mas gift, it was a nice touch that made me smile. When I got it open this is what I found.


I was impressed with the contents of my little gift and spent some good time examining it and here I share it with you. Thank you deep_sashelas for your time and effort, I'm late in showing this, for that I apologize.


Also, I apologize to the recipient of the mini I was charged with. It is complete and will be sent out on Friday the 7th of this month. You should have it in your hands a week or so after I send it.

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No problems, The Shine, well worth the wait to see the mini photographed better than I could. :lol:


Boy, they're right, the camera shows up all the embarassing flaws. Welp, I'm still learning, and I'm pretty happy with this mini as I tried out a bunch of techniques I never tried before. Some of it worked well, and some...well, taught me I still need a whole lot more practice. ::D:


Stuff I am happy with: the sword is my first attempt at NMM, and it took a bunch of reference pic hunting before I thought to try the line of dark and light grey right smack in the center of the front of the blade. Gave it some depth I felt it was lacking.


(That embarassing white splotch on the back of the blade isn't paint by the way. It's actually some brush-on matt varnish that decided to turn lumpy and slightly glossy on me. Ah well. Camera eye sees all. :rolleyes: )


Having spent much too long on the sword, I decided to fall back on metallic paints for shield and buckles, and I see that metallic paint indeed does not show up that glamorously on the camera either. ::P:


The shield is...meh. On the one hand, I was trying to go for the LOTR movie leaf clasp look. I think I succeeded there, it has that green-gold tone. On the other hand, the three leaves aren't very well defined - room for improvement there, and argh, I must learn white-fu. I was practically fighting with the vallejo white, and it just got all chalky on me. :wacko:


Cloak has the most interesting tale, so I saved the best for last. On looking at the fig, I really wanted to do freehand on it, and came up with the idea of the cloak of leaves - the magical version of camouflage - of the science fiction version which has been done much better than I can by Garness-at-Home on The Miniatures Page. (http://theminiaturespage.com/workbench/870901/)


The mini was primed black. Brush-on. Again because I wanted to be onery and try out something I usually don't do. I regretted it on the white part of the shield. Ended up scraping it off and priming the shield white.


Started with the cloak first just to check proof-of-concept. The greens I used were fairly random, some Citadel, some Vallejo, some Pro-paint. Arranged the pots in dark to light order, and started from the dark green.


Mixed it with black to create the darkest shade and randomly painted irregular filled ovals. Then went up from there, slightly more light dark green, more ovals where I thought they looked good, and so on. I was basically groping for the effect of leaves upon leaves stacked upon leaves.


When I got to the green to light green colors, I started using those to add highlights to the existing ovals. Just like painting gems without the gem under it.


The inside of the cloak I left black. But I wanted to see some branches there, so same thing with different shades of brown. Just zigzagged some lines in lightning-like fashion, and highlighted. Then added the leaves where I thought they looked good, and highlighted up again.


Easy. Or so I thought. Then I felt the leaves weren't defined enough and decided to use a near black-green to define the shapes better...


I was, hem, watching American football at the time and painting under pretty bad lighting. So when I really looked closely at it again after the show ended, and pointed the camera at it...here's the cloak-in-progress that I thought was finished:


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Eeep. I was wondering if I was going to have to re-do the whole thing, but I decided to just sit on it and do the other bits before deciding.


(And when it was almost done, is when I shot the above pic. Heavily corrected in photoshop, obviously.)


Well the thick black lines were ruining everything.


But I didn't want to just splash a basecoat on again and redo three hours of work (ok, watching football rather than the mini most of the time) unless I had to.


I thought, hey, maybe if I added a thin layer of green on it, that would make a good base for me to redo the leaves, while I'd still be able to see the leaves under it as a framework to draw new leaves.


And so I stumbled upon the technique of glazing without realizing it.


The moment I spread that thin green on the cloak, the colors just melded together and things didn't look as bad as I thought it did. In fact, it looked..rather nifty. And since there was about one day to the deadline, I decided to stop with it there instead of obessing over it, and just added some more thin layers of pale green highlights over the glaze.


The End


No set technique, just a lot of pushing paint around and some serrendipity. :wub:


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