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GW Pegasus Knight in progress


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While Saint Rigger has been busy painting skeletons, I've been working on this pegasus knight. I still have to do a few more layers of hilighting, the freehand on the crests, the knight's lance and shield and the wings for the pegasus. Then I need to glue it all up and base it. So much left to do!

I'll post more pics when he's done. What do you think of a cloud base of some sort? Any suggestions?


More pictures at my gallery...


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Oooooh. You totally rock. *nodnod*


Bud's right, clouds are hard... but you can do it! I have Confidence in you!! *grin*


Will we get to see this guy sometime soon? Come paint on Saturday! Bring Rigger, the guys can play or build something... or paint too... OR you can come NEXT saturday (the 15th), cuz it's my BIRTHday, and we can have a PARtee!





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