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Legio Bolter and Chainsword


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I suffered a tragedy this Christmas... My sister received a better camera than the one I'm currently using. I took a picture of my WIP commander (sorry, you'll have to wait till Feb.) and all I could do was... :cry: :cry2: Since I can't show you that, I'd like to officially show off my Legio Bolter and Chainsword squad. Anyway, all of these guys (except for the Black Templar vaulting the girders) represent moderators or administrators of the Bolter and Chainsword forums. It was pretty much a tribute to the board where I waste a good deal of time... ::P:


Entire Squad

It's a little washed out, but I haven't been able to experiment with the camera...and I'll probably have to wait until I buy my own.



Green stuff psychic hood scullcap, ball-point pen collar, minor leg repositioning.


Iron Father

I had to modify a plastic left arm so that I could actually get a Deathwatch pad onto this mini. It was kinda tough...but not as hard as cutting and shaving all that metal would have been. :wacko:





The person I have to thank for all this.

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That's an amazing squad, great job. All the painting is very clean. The display base is wonderful, I love the barrels and the grass, very realistic. Did you carve the display base from wood or foam?


What's you recipe for the metallic barrels?


I'm also a little baffled how Kurgan and InKaras are able to stand. Are they all plastic? If metal, I would think the weight distribution relative to the base would make the fall over.

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Cade, here's the general idea for the barrels:


-Heavy drybrush with boltgun.

-Washes with brown and green. Final wash with metallic copper. The metallic wash helps keep the metal from being dulled too much.

-Extrememly light drybrush with boltgun. This is more of a dusting, and works better with a thicker brush...and it helps if it doesn't come to a point.


I think the only metal pieces I used are the various weapons and the grot. I ran a pin into those minis's feet through the rubble they are standing on. There's also a nickel in the base (these are the perfect size) weighing them down.


SaintRigger, deathwatch marines are fun, and your loot quite nice. ::):

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Beautiful man. Great poses, very dynamic. Awesome dark gothic feel. You can't beat those highlights on the black armor...hard to do unless you've got a technique, which I'm sure you do. :poke:


All around an amazing job, the freehand skull on the shoulder pad is flawless.


My only gripe is the names on the shoulderpads. They would look better in more of a blocky font. major nitpicking though. A great acheivement, congrats!

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