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Elghir the Resolute


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Here is another mini I did for a repeat customer. I painted this mini in two parts. I did the cauldron first, then I painted Elghir. After both were painted I glued them together. To paint the cauldron, I used a combination of techniques. I used Vermin brown as a base coat, then glazed it with a mix of brown and black ink, then I dry brushed it with silver. After that I gave it another light glaze of green. I filled it with super glue then sprayed accelerator on the glue. WOW! It started to smoke a bit, but the uneven texture on the top is what I was after. I painted the glue to look a bit like blood. As for Elghir himself, I really didn't use any new techniques. After I sprayed the whole mini with matte varnish, I went over the gems on the staff and his right eye with brush on gloss to give them a shine. Overall I am very happy with the results. Hope you all like!


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