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World's Largest Dungeon


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I promise no spoilers ... but if you haven't faced a darkmantle yet you are still in the first room of the dungeon ....




that is soooo true :lol:


besides, only a half-orc with a surprised (at first) then very amused DM could pull this technique off

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You've been playing for 4 hours every week for 4 months and you're just *now* second level??!!



there are 4 groups of adventurers with 7 members in each group so basically my group has ventured into the dungeon 4 times and yes we are about 350xp short of third level



Besides that if you (or your DM) had read the DM notes in the beginning of the book it basically reccomends that if you give out experience for each creature in the standard manner you will quickly out level the adventure and get no fun out of it ... so you should only level twice per area.



Still don't understand ... click on this link and look at monday nights, I am in Kreadin's Lost Guard

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Diable Tactics:


Use doorways and narrow hallways to you advantage to maximize you odds against the baddies

Run ahead and lure unsuspecting baddies into ambushes

Always SEARCH EVERYTHING for traps and hidden treasure

Make sure you fully explore the map b4 moving on


Basically if you have ever played a hack and slash style PC dungeon crawl game think about the tactics you use and use them

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Hmm this thread got quiet, how's it going?


I'm currently waiting (impatiently as a ferret on crack) for my (used) copy of the module to arrive.


I intend to run it using Castles & Crusades and it's sparking my interest in painting again, so now I have lots of cool new minis to look at as well.

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Well, our group took 2 weeks off for ReaperCon (All players being Reaper Employees and working that time) so we haven't made any progress since the second week of May.


Let me tell you - We're average PC level of 4 now, with 3 at 5th and a few at 3rd, most of us hovering at 4th. PC Death's have caused some trouble, 3 players having lost 2 characters each, and 3 players having each lost 1.


We are currently in (According to our DM) Zone B. We found a partial map of this zone, and while at first we thought "YAY no we can figure out where to go", we have since realized it makes no difference. We still don't know what's in any room, although we know where the dead-ends are. And since we are looking for an item an NPC said could aid us, we have to search every stinkin' room anyway - just like before.


Each PC expects to level up again at least once before leaving Zone B, but since our DM tells us it's rated for levels 4-6 we should still face a challenge no matter what.


We have been playing 2 nights a week since February - and if there had been no fatalities we would all be 5th level now. Yeah - XP progression is slow.


One question for kialindo - you say your team has "gone into the dungeon 4 times". You mean yall could get back out??? In our game the door going in was magicked (sp?) such that it was basically a one way. We can't get out until we find another exit. That's mostly what drives us on . . . the hope of getting out alive, unlike 9 of our companions.


And each player has 3 PC "lives". You get to make 3 PC's. You play one until it dies, then you make a new one at -1 level of that PC. If your 3rd PC dies, you "rotate out" - we have a waiting list. A new player may come in only when an existing player loses his #3 character.

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Our game is a bit different ....


The game is being run by the owner of my FLGS .... There are 4 groups of 7 PC's each (for a total of 28 characters). Real time we each have 4 hours of playing time once a month every Monday night (tonight is our night). Every month with 5 Mondays all 4 groups "awake" in the stasis room at the same time and we can talk and exchange information and items by placing them on specially designated altars. We have been playing since November of 04 and we just last session moved into area B. We are just under 4th level. Although some of the groups are at 4th level already.


The premise behind the game is that we have been sent into this dungoen by a "Celestial Being." When not in the dungeon we are transported into a room where our bodies are in stasis when not in the dungeon. We are basically etherreal and cannot interact with one another. We can view the "sleeping" bodies of the other groups so we have started getting into the habbit of scribbling information onto pieces of slate with chalk and holding it up to our chest before we bamf out for the night.


With the exception of the stasis chamber we are as well trapped in the dungeon. We can move between areas but have yet been able to leave the dungeon for freedom. We have not lost any PC's yet BUT there have been MANY close calls.

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Well, Friday night, Kevin "Litch" Williams (Our GM) decided he was going to "accelerate" us. He figured he'd get us out of Area B and up to 7th level by midnight. It almost worked. After getting every party member almost completely dead, we decided to stop for the night. A few PCs are very close to 7th level, and we are not far from the area exit. Unfortunately, there is a little cult that the paladin is bound and determined to eliminate, and we have to pause to deal with them.


Currently, our discussion centers on how to kill its leader and survive the members. My current plan involves killing the leader fast by rolling 3 natural 20's (the DM allows this optional death blow rule from the DMG) and then getting slaughtered in revenge by the minions. it's the best i can come up with.

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Did you guys take out Longtail????


Right now our groups are rather hung up on taking him out ... and well ... we met him last night and he took out our spellcaster with ONE casting of Magic Missile ... suffice it to say we ran with our tails between our legs....


I would love to hear your encounter with him ...


Oh yeah and we are kinda screwed ... the DM has taken a liking to Longtail and has already said that he is going to play the NPC VERY smart and it is going to be a challenge to take him out ... This should be fun ::D:


kialindo AT hotmail ... if you don't want to post the info on the boards

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I don't mind posting.

yes, we encountered Longtail, and we almost killed him. We took away his ability to control the other creatures in the Level. We found a way to shut down the portal, and then ran hit and run tactics on him until he ran out of spells. Without his power and his friends, we manage to kill his "familiar" and knock LT out. Then we broke his will and he surrendered to us.


It was not quick or easy, and we lost 2 PCs doing it. Remember, Unless your GM is playing LT differently than Kevin ran him, he is a Lycanthrope, so he has DR10/Silver. Really hard to kill without Magic, and as we ran the room it had a SR built in, so every spell was a challenge.


Exactly how we did this, I am not saying.


Anyway, tonight We try to finish off the cult. Tomorrow I will report on how many lived from that . . .

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Well, We haven't finished off the cult yet - We play again tonight.


Currently, We are in the primary temple of the cult, and the priest believes we are there as petitioners, seeking to join his order. It is the current intent of the party to close the temple doors, slaughter the cult leaders, and take control of the artifact they are worshipping. Once the Artifact is under our control, we intend to turn it against the rest of the cult, hopefully fast enough to keep their heads spinning so they can't coordinate an assault against us.


Unless I miss my guess, tonight we either clear Zone B of the cultists and get out alive, or we all die. It's gonna be brutal!


BTW - just getting to the temple we lost several more party members, and things looked bleak for 3 more PC's who survived by th skin of their teeth. -6HP is not a comfortable place when the healers are the ones down!

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-6HP is not a comfortable place when the healers are the ones down!

I dunno, I've found you can make it a fairly comfortable place once you've been there often enough to call it home.


Typical Thursday night session:


Pete: Cal takes <int> HP damage from a <insert weapon>

Mike: I drop senseless to the ground bleeding.


<Mass melee ensues, much blood is spilled>

<Mike goes up and grabs drinks for folks. Rolls for stabilization.>


Kevin: I cast Cure Moderate Wounds and heal Cal for 12 HP

Mike: Ughhh so, what did I miss?



On the plus side. I did survive this week, but only because I failed a Will save (with my whopping +1 Will save modifier - rolling a 2 didn't help much either) and succumbed to Cause Fear right after the first round of combat.

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Well, Last night, things went better than I could have hoped for!

The Artifact they worshipped turned out to be a Creature, which got away. We'll deal with that later. We eliminated rather a lot of cultists, and I mean a lot. Thank Heironeous that our Spellcaster made 6th Level on Tuesday, because that meant last night she had FIREBALL!! Woo! a pair of Fireballs does wonders on 45 cultists . . .


Well, no spoilers to be handed out beyond what I already said, but our spellcaster made 7th level after the battle, and My monk made 6th finally and is over halfway to 7th. . . We have a score to settle with His Majesty now. Apparently his Majesty discovered our Basecamp and killed some of our back-up characters!


And Qwyk, the improtant part about my statement above about being at -6 is that it was the cleric and the paladin who were down at -6. Your example has the cleric healing you, but what if it's every character with healing magic that falls and we're left with a monk, a fighter, and a sorcerer? No so comfy then, eh? Trust me, these buggers go for the priests and paladins like I go for hot wings . . .

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