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Faction Discussion: Darkspawn

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As for strategies, its pretty basic.


You have an ability to keep your grunts from dying as long as your army can kill off 2 damage tracks worth of your enemy for every one of your own, as long as you only use the pain cage for grunts (archers need to kill off 4). You also have 30" archers, Ashakia, Rauthuros, and best of all the Witch Queen. Use them to kill off as many enemy models as you can with arrows and spells before you even think about actually engaging the enemy in melee, then use superior model count and the pain cage to wipe your opponent off the board.


another strategy that applies to any army, try to get your opponent to split his forces and concetrate all of yours on isolated pockets.


Last thing, the Witch Queen is a great model since shes both a leader and mage and shes got a phenomenal cp, she also has a low dv so buying her some greater magical armor is a no brainer to protect your investment of points into her. But shes well worth it, especially if you go all out and put greater magical empowerment on her to bring her cp up to 10. No rolls needed for the 3" radius firestorms...? How could you not like that? Just avoid scrye-shooters like the plague.


Have fun with them, and dont worry about the map on reapergames for 2 reasons.


Number one) It only shows who controls the surface, they didnt both showing who owns the underground since we Darkspawn have uncontested control of it.


Number two) Darkspawn have an unfair disadvantage in the reapergame system, since we have a tendency to wipe our opponents completely out and the system requires that your opponents to admit their loss. Well obviously its kinda hard to admit that you've lost when theres no one left to admit it!!!

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Yeah, I figured the lack of grunts were one reason why. I need to find some good models to proxy for Warriors and Archers...


Emmel- Thanks for that. I really like the Spawn's sculpt and background so I plan on including one of them in my first lists. The thing has three melee attacks!

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Lack of grunts and a lack fo a good amny models for the army is keeping people back. It is the same for reptus and Overlords. The only advantage of the Reptus is the few models that have come out are very impressive. The overlords and Darkspawn aren't as impressive right off the bat.


I would prefer the drakspawn to be more demons and fewer "orrupt" elves. I am just elf(ed) out.


And yes I know I made up my own word. :)

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I'm currently proxying the Reaper DHA 'Female Dark Elf' model for the Isiri Warrior. They have a bit more of a 'drow' feel to them than I really want (the spiderweb motif is /really/ overdone) but they're very nice otherwise, and they paint up exceedingly well.


Broken Fodder: I have a mix of I-Kore Orc spearmen and Zombies for this.


Paintenders: WH40k Dark Eldar Succubi.


Leaders - Currently using the Witch Queen and Javolith, with Aundine as a solo.


Isiri Archers - Chainmail Drow archers, at the present, but I'm very dissatisfied with them. It looks great until you notice how two-dimensional the sculpt is. Anyone got any better suggestion for these?


I've decided I just can't bring myself to like the sculpts for the Spawn and Devourer, so I'm using one of the DHA Succubus figures for them. ;)

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I had a bunch of Archer Sirens lying around, so I decided to use them as my Irisi Archers. :) They make nice little demons!


My Irisi Grunts are all of the female piratey models I could manage to collect (I think I've got 7 or 8 now.. more if you count strumpets and the Freebooter cook!).


I was also thinking of using some GW witch elves for grunts, but they are all on small square bases and I didn't feel like switching them, and i'm already using them to be Wargods Asar.. (so they need small bases).


Oh, and I'm using the dark maiden as the big bad demon, when we do 1000 point games.. It fits the pirate theme ;)

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