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Unless you are waiting for "Duke Nukem Forever*" Then you hate to hear "soon"


But I think the official partyline on DNF on that is "It will be done when it's done"

In this case, I'm happy with soon because so far "soon" has mean "soon"




*(For those who don't know - DNF was started in '97, screens appeared in 98 and video in late 98, and then it was decided that they'd switch to the Unreal Engine, so the game won't be released on time. Lots of time pass, lots of things said... still no Duke Nukem Forever.. read more at: the dev. forums)

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...sigh no no no. Its maybe.


Actually, I talked with MadPat this afternoon at Reaper Asylum and he let me know that it should be up next week. Exactly as it was stated here. They've been having som interesting things happen with the galaxy map and that seemed to be the biggest thang. Other than that... no worries.


And if you ever get any of your children playing RAGE games, don't have Pat coach them...lost all my dwarves that way. Bastich...




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