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They were clearly Cruise missiles called in by a Fire Support Team. ::D:


Nothing else could fell a Starhawk VI so easily.


The video is very cool, by the way. If nothing else it'll get more people looking at the game. Are we going to be seeing more stuff like that. A 5-minute video to put on continuous loop during demos would be very sweet.

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yes video was very, very, very, ad infinitum cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




now we just need a video with a mantis, some ghasts and some hovertanks all splattering something superheavy (which then limps out of the smoke and overkills one or two things)........(sorry, overkills is a HG term, but you know what i mean. "big,nothing-left-but-the-feet kabooooom !!!! ).

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