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My 2nd Reaper Townsfolk mini completed.


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Looks good. All he needs now is a sprawling chesnut tree. :)


Steve has that model, and we used to always joke about sending him into a tabletop battle complete with anvil in tow. Those things make excellent weapons when dropped from great hights.


So.. any plans to do the "madame and strumpets" set?

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Overall nice job DF. I really like the tree stump and anvil. The only thing I think he needs is a little dark lining around his eyes. This would really give those eyes some clarity and depth. Not sure what technique you are using on yer eyes, but starting with a black or dark brown eye socket, then filled with white before adding a pupil is a really easy way to achieve the dark lining around the eyes. Try it, I promise you will like the results.



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Ok... criticism...


You're going to get what I first tell about 90% of the people I discuss miniatures with:




I know you are just learning, and I wish that people would realize that thin=good, clumpy=bad.


Next, if you are going to highlight any area:




Just these two little steps can do a long, long way to improving your paint jobs. That way, you won't have to "dust brush" your minis. I say dust brush, in what some people construe as drybrushing. If your mini is chalky and the paint clumpy, you've just "dust brushed" the thing...


Good luck with your next miniature.

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