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Old early 80's Citadel Mounted Mini


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Wow ... this ones old .. found him in a box filled with old D&D modules, dice and old model painted minis :-) Ah, the good old days. Anyway, I dusted this guy off and noticed that the base had broken off in one of my many moves. I took a slotta base and did it up in an hour.


Took a couple quick pics and noticed he's in rough shape, anthough better than expected, he was found rolling around in a wooden bocx with a couple rocks, some paper clips and other ods and ends.


Larger photos here:

Paladin - left side

Paladin - right side

Paladin - head on

Paladin - rear view

Paladin - front second view

(please note: these images are large, and depending on your connection they may take time to load)


Enjoy .... comments welcome.


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It definitely looks old and a little dirty, but the colors are good, brush control is good... *heh* It's hard to comment on things you could change, knowing that it's an old one and your technique will already be different now. But I like the chestnut horse and the blue. Actually, the dirty/oldness works really well with the blue fabric. Makes it look battle worn.



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