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*disrespects SaintRigger*


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Sorry SR, I had to steal your basing scheme, but I changed it a bit to make it a bit darker.


This mini is gaming standard, and has 99% delta ceramcoat on it. The only non-DCeram paint it has on it is a tiny bit of Liquitex Yellow to make the browns a bit more stable for drybrushing.


I would have more of his kind to show, but I realized the flock on the other two was falling off, so I had to put superglue on, and I have to wait, or else I'd ruin my brushes.

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All hail the Saint Rigger basing scheme! ;)


Acutally, I wish I did my skeletons on a more grey/ashy/wasteland color...


I use white glue to glue the sand, and then static grass on. After gluing the sand, you can use a thinned down coat of white glue and water to "lock" it into place.


I cheat, and I bought a bottle of glue for spraying at the train store because it was cheap, already mixed and came in a big bottle, so I just use that.


It helps keeps the flocking from falling off quite nicely.

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