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My Evil Posey Pony


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From the Evil Toys comes.... My Little (Evil) Pony!


First, a picture of Posey Pony, my first My Little Pony, from when I was a girl.

(Not my photo; I got it off ebay. The photo, that is. Cuz I'm too lazy to dig through my storage boxes and find my Posey Pony.)




Now, the poor discontinued pony has returned in Evil form.

(Yes, I know I haven't done the basing yet, I also haven't sealed it. I just wanted to share before I lost it or broke it or whathaveyou. I want to do brown burnt grass around just the feet. Thus the nasty brown. I was messy. Sigh.)


The eyes are also black with a nice metalic red dot in it that you can't see in the photo. Woo.




What a fun day! *hee*



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OMG that is just TOO sweet!


I like how you kept the "kewt" colours and yet still affirmed the evilnessity of it.


I need to seriously get after the sculptors that did the evil toys to produce a more properly Reaperish version of Treasure Trolls

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