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Set of Hasslefree kiddies I painted up recently. I haven't based them yet because I need to convert and paint two more of the boy model. I'm painting them up to represent my sisters five kids, of course my luck has it that she has three boys and two girls! LOL The second pic shows the with a WIP and my thumb as a guide to show scale.


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I love those minis! The older girl's pose reminds me so much of my eldest sister when she was a moody and pouty ten-year-old.


Ya done real good there Death Angel.... though the thumb could use a wee bit of highlighting. :lol::lol:

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I love those little guys too  :wub:  they're cuties.  And they are Hasselfree minis I believe Darkfather  ^_^

Yes they are from Hasslefree. You can find them for sale at the CMoN shop, fantization or direct from Hasslefree in the UK.

Ahah! Hence my 'stupidity'. I do nopt know of the company 'Hasslefree'.




I will go look them up asap.

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