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Better Late than Never...


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Not sure if Gabe will have time to post a pic or not. I am sure his camera and photo skills are much better than mine. Due to some unexpected RL issues, I was unable to complete the piece by the deadline, I told Gabe, and he was very understanding. He received it today I think, at least that is what the PM said ::D:


So without further adue, have a look. This is the piece I did for Gabe for the Winter Mini Exchange. It was the first one I attempted to use no inks, only washes and blending. I am very proud of it. You may notice the eyes... they were supposed to have the whole blind mage thing going on. The pupils are iris was done with ice blue, but agains the white leather, it kind of blends. I will have to try something a little different next time. Although, I think the milky effect I was going for came out nice.



**EDIT** BTW this was also my first attempt at NMM


Hope you liked it Gabe!





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Be proud, that came out really nicely. Couple of points, even though you can't change anything now :poke: :


1) I think the nmm needs some sharp white highlights, at the moment it looks more like stone. I could be wrong, of course, I've only done nmm as cloth trims and on banners, etc.


2) I'm not sure what it is, but the eyes are being 'blurred' in the picture against the eyelids. Perhaps a bit more darklining or darker eyelids would help. Maybe even making his eyes look a bit sunken with some purple/deep red bruising sort of effect?


Otherwise very nice. I especially like the wood of the staff; it looks nicely worn and aged/well-handled.



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