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From green to Metal, just a Question of time.


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These are a few questions posed toward Reaper and any other casters that read this.


I was wondering , Once you have a green from an Artist how long does it take from green to metal?


Is there alot of adjustments involved in the greens to make them castable , i.e. undercuts, cutting arms , weapons seperate, ect/.


once a mold is made , what would be the average casting run?


thanks for the info , best to you.

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A lot depends on when Reaper wants to release them. Sometimes they get a green and almost immediately cast it in metal. Sometimes, as in the T-Rex, it takes longer.


The T-Rex took a good two years before release. Sometimes a green doesn't "make the cut." What that means is it doesn't end up fitting in with the vision for the Warlord or DH lines. As a result it is either not cast, or ends up in the Isle of Lost Minis.



This, of course, is the unofficial answer.

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rough estimate of time frame, it all depends on the green that arrives.

if the green is going into production: is it a character sized piece or a multipiece figure? my rough estimite would be a single piece problem free green. some greens arrive and the initial pressing totals them, if sculptors do anything silly like forget armatures or use glue on the model they don't cast nicely. If any adjustments need to be made, tack on more time, some minor adjustments can be done in house, but sometimes they are sent back to the sculptor.


green arrives. pictures are taken.(day one)


goes to mastering.(day two)


a master mold gets pressed. green is done.


masters get cast.(day three)


masters go to mold making.(day four)


production molds get pressed & drilled.(day six)


test casts are spun.


production molds go into the queue.(day seven)


minis are cast.(day eight)


again, just a rough guess on my part. I can be wrong by 2-3 days either way.


cher :upside:

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