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Argh. what's wrong with this mini

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Ok so I assemble my first CAV wight today, and it takes me quite a while, since the parts don't fit very well together. And when I'm done I look at the mini and think ... hmm something is wrong here. So I go the reaper site and look at pictures. It would seem that I have gotten the wrong cockpit part!! It looks like the one from the picture of the Duelist, and . Gah.... not the Wight one. No wonder it was so difficult to assemble, and looks weird.


EDIT: oh yeah and I ofcourse did some conversion work on it, so now I don't know what to do. I repositioned the legs, because I didn't want it running. I wonder if I can get a Wight cockpit without having to send in the whole mini.


2nd EDIT: Looking back I have no idea why I put this in the conversions, presentation and terrain forum. If someone would be kind enough to move it I would appreciate it.

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