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American Paratroopers

Death Angel

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My partner paints a LOT of these type of minis, 8 armies worth so far actually, so I thought it was about time I gave 15mm scale a go. I didn't really care zwhat type of army or country they were from I just asked him to make me a stand with three guys on it and to let me know what colour their uniforms needed to be. I know the helmuts are the wrong colour, I thought he said one thing when he actually said something totally different but he was having a nap while I painted them and I didn't want to bother him to confirm the colour, so I went ahead and painted them anyway, they're only helmuts, easily repainted when I base them, which I also need his help with to make it look right for the scale.


Anyway, here they are, nothing overly flash, just an experiment to see if I could paint true 15mm scale minis.





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Thanks heaps for the comments guys. As I said this was just an experiment to see if I could paint this scale, not my best paint job ever obviously but not too bad for my frst attempt I think.


The middle one doesn't have a moustache, I did consider it for hi funnily enough! I think it is more just a shadow.


MorningCloud, thank you very much, that is a lovely compliment! I have been painting for 15 months now and have tried very hard to improve with each piece, this is not always the case of course and sometimes I just paint something in a hurry because I need to paint. But mostly I am trying something new with each one or at least trying to improve on something that I'm not happy with. I'm still not entirely happy with how my minis come out most of the time but it is nice to know that my improvement is noticable to someone other than myself! LOL

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