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15mm Men of Rohan


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Well, it's meant to be a general army for any system that it can fit in (as in base size/theme).


So far, me and my bro have Warhammer in mind, but there could be more systems like Warlords (if the base size is correct for that game). If, all in all, we want to play something more, we can try to blue-tac the smaller bases on bigger bases for that particular game. ::):


At the moment, these are probably for a Warhammer army that is somewhat cheaper then the GW official variant, considering these are proxies. The two spearmen are the command "model" for a spearment regiment, while the Marshal is probably a Grand Master for a Knights Order (Riders of Rohan).

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I would love to face those minis with my Warlord companies! Here's my pro/con comparison for using "wrong" scales:


Is the scale the same as my figs? No.

Are the bases sizes wrong? No.

Will the game mechanics be effected? No.

Will it effect my tactics? No.

Will it effect sportsmanship? No.

Will it make it no fun? No.

Do I care that you got minis on the tables for much cheaper than I did? No.


Game on!

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Yeah, I can understand. When bro said we should try playing with these instead of 28mm, I was doutful. I mean, my first though was, how the hell do we make out the details? Where's the dynamic effect of the battle when you can't even adequatly spot your own general amongst the thousands of troops behind him?


Then, the Xyston blister came in the mail, and I looked at the sculpt of the helms and designs and shields, and couldn't help... borrowing a few javelinmen, and a general! :poke::lol:


So, now I gotta a cheap alternative to a Warhammer army, and one based on my fav LOTR army, the Rohirims! ^_^


Now, gotta get to work on some 15mm terrains... ::D:

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