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What would you like to see of these


Which of the following interests you the most?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following interests you the most?

    • Battlesuits: Anime Mecha Gladiator Combat (Scifi/Generic)
    • Apocalypse: Mass Warfare in the World of Adon (Fantasy/Adon Universe)
    • Touchdown: Fantasy Football (Fantasy/Modern)
    • Victoria's Cross: Colonialism in a World of Myth and Machines (Fantasy/Historical Late 19th Century)
    • Rifles and Eagles: Napoleonic Skirmish (Historical Early 19th Century)
    • Regiments of Glory: Napoleonic Mass Warfare (Historical Early 19th Century)
    • Battleflags: American Civil War Mass Warfare (Historical Mid 19th Century)
    • Raging Seas: The Age of Fighting Sail (Historical Early 19th Century)
    • Countercell: Covert Operations (Modern/Terrorism-Counterterrorism Skirmish)
    • Painted Black: The Nam (Historical/Vietnam War Skirmish)

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Warlord, CAV2/AICOM/Imperator are already in the works which is why they're not in the list.


We also have plans or just raw ideas for other games, settings, and systems. Some suggestions that have been made for games/systems did not make preliminary cuts and are not listed above.


Vote for your primary interest.


All names are "working titles" and not formalized.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Out of the options given, I have voted. Other ideas, I would be interested in, is as stated in another thread, Far Eastern (fantasy or historical), exploring the the mythology and ancient combat styles of the Middle East, and also India, even an African basis. I think I'd like to see a game that looks at something from any other point of view, except the European. Hell I'd be all over a Native American, pre Columbus game, incorporate shamanistic magics and the tribal lore of different tribes. You have wide a varied combat and life styles, add to it some individual flare. But even in Warlord, you try to give Taltos an Egyptian "feel," but the legends and so forth still come from a pool of European Legends, and very few Egyptian/Middle Eastern/African Legend. Maybe it's me and you've already done market research into these ideas, and dismissed them.

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I must agree with Frosch, we need to be able to vote 1st, 2nd 3rd choices and have the votes weighted!!!


In my order:

1. Victoria's Cross

2. Countercell

3. Painted Black (love that name...but you stink, because now I have the song stuck in my head Matt)


Would figures be produced to go along with these lines? I imagine the Countercell figures would probably work pretty well for d20 Modern (potential for marketing).

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Yeah, we need to be able to check more than one.

I voted for Apocalypse, but I would also be interested in Counter-cell and Anime Mecha Gladiators. I was even thinking the other day that if Reaper did a fantasy mass combat game in 10mm or 15mm scale they'd eventually end up getting pretty much all of my gaming dollars, outside of Flames of War.


I'm moving towards the smaller scales for my gaming. I want to fight huge battles but I don't want to have to paint hundreds of 28-30mm models to do so. CAV has been taking up probably 40% of my painting time as I prepare my Templars and Adonese for the launch of CAV 2.0, 30% goes toward getting my US Armored Rifle Company ready for Flames of War, and the rest is split between Warlord (though new Reptus models would skew this dramatically), Confrontation, RPG painting and whatever dreadful 40k thing I'm working on. (I got Really burned out on 40k after painting nearly 180 Tyranids). If CAV gets AICOM, and Warlord gets Apocalypse (heck call it "Warlord:Apocalypse"), I can see myself spending very little money elsewhere.


I don't have much use for historicals before WW2, and Touchdown will have a hard time cracking Blood Bowl (though if it's a modern tabletop football game, as opposed to orcs vs. elves, you might be on to something, which could net you an even greater fan base and even more of my gaming cash). Victoria's cross is going to get a skewed result because the rules are already being played and were developed and used by the audience that uses these boards.

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I'm not sure how a nappie skirmish would go really - particularly since the joys of playing napoleonics is the rows and rows of infantry marching into canister shot. The mass battles rules would be neat, but I don't know how keen I'd be to paint up 28mm troops and there are a TON of 15s already existing (not a problem if all you do is release the rules)



The other thing is how much of the market already has games like this? Bloodbowl pretty much owns the fantasy football market. Hasbro (I believe) just released a board game based on Bloodbowl - numerous companies have bloodbowl figures (I'm doing nuns right now from Shadowforge). I think another game would get lost.


An age of sail game would be neat, but at what scale? There is everyone hooked on Pirates of the Spanish Main, and soon Pirates of the Blood Coast. I've also played a number of 1:600 scale games from 19'th century through WWII,


There isn't much for VSF. G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. is out there and is pretty cool. Right now there market is pretty open. There are a number of really cool VSF model options, but by no means a whole ton of them.


The modern and vietnam skirmish would be neat, also and haven't been overdone yet I think.



Battlesuits and Apocalypse seem like they'd just be rehases of CAV and Warlord. Not a bad thing mind you

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Ooof.. should really read all the poll options instead of clicking at random... I would like to change my vote to Victoria's Cross...


but maybe it is just that I'm painting up a warmachine steamjack right now...


HG Wells / Verne inspired technology would be a blast (no pun intended!)

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1. Countercell: Covert Operations

2. Raging Seas: The Age of Fighting Sail

3. Victoria's Cross: Colonialism in a World of Myth and Machines


#1 because I love covert ops (and it's skirmish level).

#2 because painting sailors with pistols and swords sounds like a lot of fun (and it's skirmish level).

#3 because I like Indiana Jones, and this sounds like a similar genre (and hopefully it's skirmish level).

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I sort of assumed that Raging Seas was the naval combat system Matt alluded to a couple of days ago over in the historical discussion thread.


In any event, it's not safe to assume the scale of any of these games. CAV 2.0 is able to handle fairly large formations of troops very easily, and the models are approx. 10mm scale. A single infantry rifle platoon has between six and ten teams of infatry. Skirmish scale sort of goes out the window when you're playing a game with multiple platoons of 4 CAV's /Tanks and supporting infantry/aircraft/fire support. You're looking at a company-sized game at about 1500-2000 points.


That's why I found Apocalypse so appealing. RAGE-driven massive fantasy battles with entire armies of Elves/Orcs/Dwarves/Humans would be most excellent.

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