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Unreleased Dark Elf Chariot WIP (updated 2/10)


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Okay, here's a shot of the finished Charioteers....minus the dulcote, so sorry for some the shiny areas, especially in the darkest recesses, that'll disappear after dulcoting, it's really humid here right now...don't want to risk it. :unsure:




The photo does NOT do these two justice, they're much better looking in RL blah blah blah, so ... take my word for it. ::P:


I'm working on the eagle harness right now, tricky. I'm thinking of adopting the ink wash technique that Elouchard has touched upon in his recent postings. I'm not sure how exactly he does it, but I'm trying to "reverse engineer" his technique so that I can accomplish the same effect. If I can get it down, it will save heaps of time on projects like the eagle and the cold ones that have a zillion scales/feathers etc...


I'm not sure I understand how the gloss varnish additive to the ink washes is supposed to work, but that's why I'm experimenting, to learn. After this is all done, I hope to come out of it with a few more tricks in my ever expanding repertoire of mini-painting techniques.


Stay tuned for more updates, have a great weekend. ::):



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That's it! THank you bushido! I was thinking something didn't look right. The skin tone loks almost exactly the same as the blue in the pants and hat. I don't know if that's how it really looks or what, but that's what I'm getting. It blends in too much.

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Heheheh I think they are super, They are really going to look actiony with their poses like that.

Good colors and highlights like always.

you know I thought Elouchards posting on washes and inks very intresting , I am also going to try to learn it tho I think it would take sitting with Mr Elochard himself for me to learn that techniq. :B):

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:blues: Yeah, the photo is a bit crap. I've got two big flourescents above the area and a blue backround, so naturally my photos tend to cast blue. In reality, the face is more of a purple grey....Sombre Grey to be exact, with the pants being just a neutral grey and the helmet has almost no blue in it at all..mostly just flat greys. Hmm...the colors are way off in the pic. Thanks for the comments all, it's just sort of a blue cast to the photos, didn't really go nuts with my lighting and post editing trying to match the real deal this time. Since it's just a piece of the whole I didn't want to spend too much time on the photo of these two.


Like I said, trust me...they look much better in RL ^_^


hehe..it does look like a dance...especially the bottom guy. :blues:

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Allright, some more WIP stuff. First, here is a shot of one of the charioteers being attached to the chariot floorboards...




As you can see, I painted the floor section first, then applied a blob of GS to the tab on the bottom of the charioteer's feet and inserted him into the proper space. In the next shot you will see the clean-up and retexturing of the GS to match the floorboards.




Now, in this shot, you can see the step of applying the GS to the tab before insertion on the other charioteer...




And now here they are, both together on the floorboards...



I'll let these cure over night and then go back in and smooth out the texturing around the charioteer in front. I couldn't do as much putty work as was necessary because it's a small space to work in which is very tricky to manouver my tools around in and I don't want to disturb the other fig which is currently drying.


Patience and preplanning is a virtue when working with GS so as not to accidentally screw up your previous work and waste all that time.


Now, here is a shot of the eagle yoke thingy...




This thing has the body of an eagle and the head of a parrot...absolutely horrid looking. I tried to make it look natural to go along with my less cartoony than usual take on this piece. It was either that or paint him in NMM gold, which would have taken about 10 hours in my estimation..so I opted for the natural look needless to say, which only took about 3 hours. Lots of glazing, wetblending and ink washing ala Elouchard's style. Very handy technique, which I don't understand at all. ::D:


And finally, here's a shot of the "inside" of the two chariot wheels.




These aren't done yet, I still have to highlight the outside 'traction' part of the wheel and higlight the darker leather segments. The color variation you see happening between the two wheels is a "before and after" shot. I glazed the wheel on the left to warm up the leather...the wheel on the right is how it looked before the glaze. I was seriously hypnotized by painting these segmented wheel sections...spin round and layer segment 1, segment 2 through 12 etc... then repeat for next highlight/shade. Oh man...I still have the Outsides to do as well! The insides alone took 4 hours and they're not even done yet! :wacko:


While I'm waiting for the floorboards to cure I'm working on the Cold Ones and the side panels simultaneously, giving myself a break from the wheels for awhile. I might save those till last, as I'm thouroughly "over it" for now.

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SO...now I've got everything painted up and ready to assemble. Here are the painted components...




And a closeup of the emblazonry on the chariot's side panels...




Now...this evening I will epoxy everything together..drill pins into the Cold One's feet and the wheels of the chariot. Everything will be drilled and pinned to everything else, then pinned and puttied to the base.


Once all of that dries...I can go back in and do the touchup/cleanup work and she will be good to go!


I attempted the side panels with about 3 different designs before settling in on this style...spent an entire day freehanding the panels and almost an entire day screwing around with different possibilities. I never said I was speedy, just obsessive with detail and getting the "right" look. Working and reworking a piece until I think it looks right can be pretty time exhaustive, but in the end, It's how I learn to become a better painter I think. The frustration of having to paint something a zillion times over until it looks right can be pretty intense, but it's mitigated in part by knowing that the process of learning is taking place and eventually, *hopefully*, I will be able to achieve the desired look. :B):


Next pics will be of the finished piece...taken under proper lighting conditions. Around Monday 1/14.

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