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Index of Painted Reaper Figures

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Looking for a painted example of a Reaper miniature? There has recently been demand for more easily accessible pictures of painted minis, so we're going to try this for the time being.


Here's how it works:


You, the user, have painted Reaper figures and have pictures online or posted in the boards here. You start a "reply" message here with your pictures linked, however you'd like, but catalogued in some way. For example, my first post will be something like:



Arnise, Half-Elf Warrior: 14018

Niriodel, Elven Archer Elite Hero: 14015

Judas Bloodspire, Vampire Warlord: 14016:

Lorielle Silverrain, Elf Archer: 14058

Vale Guard: 14119

Vale Archer: 14113

Skralla: 14178

(If you have enough, do it by faction!)


Dark Heaven

Angel of Mercy: 02095

Well of Doom: 02634

Selmarina, Witch: 02682

Arianna, Fairy Princess: 02793

Ava, Female Knight Templar: 02459

Tuilin: 02762

Bjorn: 02607

Deladrin, Female Assassin: 02834

Lucindra Pirate Captain: 02956

Melisande Wavecutter: 02859

Pirate Swashbuckler (from Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea Box Set): 010011b

Elia (02676) and Wolf from Wolf Pack (02830)


And so on. Whenever you paint a new figure, go back to your post and EDIT it. Do not start a new post.


If you can add the part number do so, and please use Reaper's name for the figure; don't rename them in your link. The part number is not a requirement, but it will greatly help others to be able to find the mini elsewhere.


If you happen to own a painted copy of everything (or just a whole lot) that Reaper has produced, please do your best to organize it simply so that things are easy to find. We want this to be a useful tool for everyone!


Moderators are standing by to help us keep this Index on topic and Indexish. Please, no conversations about the figures; take that to separate posts.


So... Got pictures? Get indexing!


(Thanks Mods Ladystorm and Frosch!)

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(3-22-06) I came in and clicked one of my links, it took me straight to a deceased thread notice. I am in the process of fixing this, the ones with "*" are the fixed/good links. Thanks for understanding.



Special Editions:

1406 Sophie, 72mm Sculpt




Dark Heaven Legends:

2103 Murkillor The Wraith King

2248 Alyscia of the Forest

2464 Black Legionnaire w/Two Handed Sword

*2582 Queen Adrielle of the High Elves

2622 Fruella, Female Giant

2623 Well Of Doom

2682 Selmarina, Witch

2700 Toxanimer Wizard

2703 Gothic Archway

2741 Faries (2) and Nymph




* -----naughty

2752 Yanara High Sorceress

*2760 Jalinrix Female Devil

*2782 Warl Hellbore Assassin

*2808 Taryn, Spearmaiden





*14033 Wraith another

*14077 Griffon

*14081 Mummy Consort




*Borsig-Spline Mantis

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