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Emperor Superheavy CAV

Super Jag

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Virtually all the players in my area are BEGGING for the Emperor CAV. Anyone know when it's coming out?


I know it's not a precise science but it'd be nice to stop having to tell my area players to continue being patient.


Anyways... not trying to drudge up the issue of unpunctual, slow, or uncertain releases, but it seems necessary from time to time.


Thanks for any word you can provide for me to pass on.


Personally, I just use a Rhino with a single Blitz IFM pack (removed both DFMs). Add armor, +2 movement, Series 8 T.L. and wha-la... what I call the Titan. ::D:

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how is this for a wild guess.....



soon. ::P:

Seriously, though.


Some indication of what is coming when for CAV would be very much appreciated.


Even if you can't give us dates, at least an order of release.


Pretty Please.


My wife bakes cookies, if those will help.

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I think we need to change the policy on all things reaper related. If anyone asks about anything regardless of the subject, we simply reply "soon". ::D::lol:




Q 1: When is that cool new whatsamathingy going to be released?

A 1: Soon.


Q 2: Is brush licking an acceptable pratice?

A 2: Soon.


Q 3: I have a question regarding the rules on this game system?

A 3: Soon.


Q 4: Are there any retailers for reaper product in my area, so I can avoid shipping costs?

A 4: Soon.


"Soon" is such a nice answer. "Soon" can also be politicly correct, or much easier on the ego than the truth.


In question 1, it fits much better then "Whenever we get off our duffs and feel like it."


In question 2, it could imply that it 'soon' will be accepted practice, or that it will 'soon' no longer be accepted. Much better than "Who cares" or "I don't know" The 'soon' leaves much to be figured out on ones own.


In question 3, it could mean that we will answer you soon, or that it will be answere it the new rules supplement that will be released (you guessed it) "soon".


In question 4, 'soon' could imply that we will have a retailer in your area "soon", or that I will try to find an answer to your question "soon". Much better than "If we give you a silly answer or ignore you completly you will getr frustrated and buy all your goodies direct from us, Mwwaahaahaahaaa."




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"Soon" is almost a universally applicable word..


"Soon off"


"Soon you"


"Soon if I know"


"I'm so sooned"


"Soon me"


See what I mean? ::P:



I agree with Wreckmaster..I think we should answer everything with "soon" for about the next six weeks. :lol:

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Plus, "soon" is a pretty relative term. I mean, from the proper vantage point, "soon" the sun will burst into nova stage, and the earth will be incinerated into a tiny ball of ash. It's going to be a few billion years, but that's still pretty "soon". :lol:

Yeah, and it's also about a 50/50 chance of it happening before the Emperor gets released :o(

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LMBO.. :lol:


While not entirely satisfying, I can certainly understand the response of SOON. If a company declares a date but fails to make it by then, well that just irks the customers too. Almost a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" response.


All I know is that the majority of 11 players in our current campaign and another handful who were unable to participate are wanting these new releases as of yesterday.


In response to their inquiries... I will now just say, "SOON."


With a smile of course... ::D:


Until the release, I shall crush them with Titans and Thunderbirds... yee haw!!!

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Well, Emperors, Tigers and Chancellors would possibly be enough to prompt my players to be willing to pay shipping and customs charges.


Else, I'll have to carry half a ton of lead home from ReaperCon. If they/it are out by then.

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