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Great new minis, don't think I ever saw any previews for most of these (but hey, I could be wrong, it happens)

Colossal Skeletal Warrior

Cheetah Girl w/ Bow

Nienna - Female Elf Ranger

Undead Ooze

Quint - Male Warrior w/ Axe & Sword

Praying Paladin

Arthur Wanderhat, Male Wizard

Witch Coven

Valeska, Female Champion of Ravilx

Slithe Queen of the Miriamis

Agramon, Pit Fiend Don't think I saw the green for this guy, but I did see him painted already... All very awesome though.

Viridius (knew about this guy, obviously)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Nienna - Female Elf Ranger is a great looking mini... I want, I want!


Undead ooze... WHY?


Oh, come on... have you seen the 3.5 stats for this thing?! It's awesome (from a DM perspective)/Horrible! (from a plaer perspective).


Plus, maybe it'll be useful as a Warlord monster!

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