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Things kids say...

Stern Kestrelmann

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My four year old, Fiona, and I spend three days a week driving together after we drop her sisters off at school. She is always asking questions about things. Last week the conversaton went like this...


Fiona: Dad?


SK: Yeah sweet pea.


Fiona: What does God look like?




SK: Hmm well, no one really knows...




Fiona: Well, I have a picture in my mind of what he looks like.


SK: Oh yeah.


Fiona: Yes, I think he looks like George Washington.


SK: George Washington? Interesting. Fiona, how do you know about George Washington?


Fiona: Because he's on the one dollar bill dad and I saw his picture. That's how.


SK: Yes, you're right George Washington is on the one dollar bill. I suppose that's what God might look like.


SK: Fiona, do you know who's picture is on the five dollar bill?


(10 second pause)


Fiona: Yes.


SK: Who?


Fiona: Jesus.


SK: (laughing)




Just had to share this. I love my kids for reasons like these.



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when my eldest was 3, he was accustomed to speaking in the first person...


Him: "Jacob wants milk"


Me: "There's a better way to say that."


Him: (thinks, then points to his right) "That way?"


Me: "No..."


Him: (points to his left) "That way?"


Me: (struggling to maintain composure) "No...."


Him: (points both directions at once) "That way?"


It was about this time that I just gave him the milk.

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I regularly have conversations with my 2-year old that end up boggling my mind. He's way too smart, and I always find it interesting to see what's on his mind.


For the longest time he was convinced that we kept a herd of cows in the attic because once when we were up there he heard one of the herd from across the road. Once we went back up and he couldn't find any, he told me they had all flown away for the winter.


But they'd be back...

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heh, this reminds me of my sister when she was around 4 years old.

She didn't just want a puppy, she wanted a maltese.

She didn't just want a pony, she wanted a clydesdale.

She informed my mom of the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalys. (I was on the computer at the time, so I looked it up, and she was right!)


you sometimes have to wonder where kids learn things ...

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you sometimes have to wonder where kids learn things ...

My sister and brother in law had a similar conundrum for about 7 years of my niece's life.


Then they heard me talking about rail guns and particle cannons to a mate on the phone, and realised she'd overheard me and then explained it to her teachers and classmates.


She's still known for being a bit of a smartie pants, though she's not been labeled a nerd yet......


... though I'm working on it :o)

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