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Forgewalk Marches Invitational


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I'll be more than happy to share my army if you want to try it in a demo. I expect I will be doing a bit of painting myself, since I don't expect to live long in the Tourney. There will hopefully be a lot of pickup games outside of the regular tourney too, plus looks like there will be some demos being run.


All in all, good fun.

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Will you be there tomorrow?


I'm all packed, everything is printed and laminated (I have a new laminator!!) and I am just waiting for the clock to tick onto TOMORROW!!


I'm a wee bit excited, this is gonna be fun.


So, when's the next demo event within two hours of southern mass.?

We (Storminator & I) don't have much scheduled before ReaperCon, and then it is smack dab into Origins. Really hard to say when we'll get one in that isn't a weeknight that might be worth a 2 hour drive.

email me, [email protected] I'll be glad to see what I can finagle. I should have 4-5 BL folks there tomorrow and I can see who might be closest to help you.



**ready for the weekend!!**

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Cher and Pete,

Thank you for hosting this kick arse invitational! I had an absolute blast. It was great to meet other folks from here and put some faces to screen names. It was also a blast to see how many folks got sucked into the goodness of Warlord.


Too many Overlords and Necros though.

More Reven are needed in New England!!!


Summon your inner Varaug and marshall your troops all!!! They have taken our land and slain our children. To arms! To arms!

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It's days late, but here's the story of the Forgewalk Marches Invitational.


To start with a summary, a good time was had by all. We had a nice turnout, and the store was hopping all day long.


We started with a large paint station that was busy more or less all day. While we were setting up people were prepping the entries for the painting contest, that filled an entire display case.


Starting just a few minutes after 11 AM we had a 4 man CAV tourney. Ravenwolf, an old CAV player we roped into Warlord at TotalCon matched up against Stormus, and was basically bushwhacked. Who expects 2000 points worth of planes? Ravenwolf's Dictators were of little use against the Tsuisekis, and Stormus stomped to victory. Meanwhile Dizzyjer, a CAV rookie took a rented force of 2K against me, the Storminator. And pretty well mauled me. I took my Outlaw section, but the table was too small for it and they were in direct combat waaaaay too soon. The highlight for me was wiping out a Vindicator as fast as humanly possible. I hit 'im with a modified Puma, the Hellcat, that sports two Flamers and an ECCM pod with a jacked up target lock computer. Matched pair of critical hits... wasn't pretty. But in the final round it was Dizzyjer and Stormus. Dizzyjer's balanced forces were able to squeeze out the Tsuisekis, as the table was too small to let them snipe from out of range. So a raw rookie won the CAV tourney, and took over the NW hemisphere of Di Lith.


At 1 PM (during finals of the CAV tourney) we had a Speed Paint Contest, which had the maximum 6 participants racing to finish a mini in 45 minutes. I was busy with CAV and a Warlord demo, so I'll leave the play-by-play to some one else.


During the afternoon Warlord demos (that ran pretty regularly) we sold a few army sets, and got a couple folks interested. One of the players, Darthiir, used the Court of Abyst that he had painted for the painting contest as proxies for a Darkspawn army, which I pointed up really quickly. Had I taken more time, or had Darthiir had more experience he would have done things slightly differently, and he might have fared better. As it was he was overwhelmed by Ravenwolf's superior numbers. Another demo player and a local kid wanted to borrow an Overlord army for the tourney so I lent him a spare one. Yes, I had a spare Overlord army. He took Iks and bondslaves and Corvus and the Xbows. Unfortunately, he had never played against a mage before, and grouped his crossbowmen. And Qwyksilver had jacked Yagun Oog to caster power 9, so his fireball destroyed them all. Then the Reven took a hill, and defended it bitterly, forcing the Overlord to fight uphill. The third battle pitted Dizzyjer with borrowed Crusaders against Mgmaranda and his Necropolis. Again, it pays to have seen a mage in action. Dizzyjer hadn't and his archers were in formation when they burst into flames. 5 of 6 dead. In the end, the Necropolis edged out the Crusaders, saving the day from having a rookie win both tournements. The fourth and final engagement of the first round was the bloodiest of the day. When the hour time was called, there were 3 models left on the board. In the beginning it looked like Sokar is Near was going to derail the entire Overlord strategy, as Teleporting Ymilrix into Curadhan's Nefsokar front failed. But when the front lines engaged, Ymilrix proved to be a killing machine. He lost the Onyx Chevalier and the warrior he brought with him, but he mowed down an entire troop of Khamsin and emerged unscathed. Which is well, because Lord Kadath and his undead beat down Andras, Balthon and the rest of the warriors. In the final engagement Ymilrix came out the victor, but only by a whisker.


The second round pitted the Overlords against the Reven, and the two Necropolis factions against each other. Both Necro wizards were loaded up with Scare spells, which were of no use. The necros battled hard, with Arzaphan getting in a lot of work on both sides. Ravenwolf's Arz was surrounded by skeletons, but managed to survive to the bell, winning at the time limit. A few misplays by Mgmaranda might have been the difference in this one, as it was close. On the other table, Overlords and Reven squared off. The Reven looked good early, surrounding and killing Ymilrix, and killing the Onyx Chevelier in the same round. Then on turn 3 the Overlords killed 6 grunts in one activation, and the tide evened up. The superior number of remaining Reven spelled doom for the Overlords, with Balthon and a warrior standing back-to-back in a sea of green at one point, then with Andras and a warrior doing the same the next turn. The first half of the battle was defined by the Overlord's fear of Yagun Oog, making them throw strategy to the wind to kill him (unsuccessfully...), and the second half was defined by the Overlord fear of Lurgh, who was always close enough to backstab someone... The battle ended with Lurgh and a couple grunts and no Overlords left alive.


During this round the second speed painting contest happened, with a number of those bumped in the first round of the Warlord tourney participating. Again, the speed paint was full. I think this round was the Scottish highlander, and some nice work was done, especially considering there was only 45 minutes to paint!


In the Warlord finals, it was Ravenwolf's Necropolis against Qwyksilver's Reven. This time Lurgh was more aggressive, and got attacked behind a hill. Gauntfield, Elsabeth, and a bunch of Wraith Harvesters beat him down. And Yagun Oog fireballed them for it, killing all but Gauntfield and Elsabeth who was wounded. The various undead grunts converged on the Reven, while archers traded shots with each other and Yagun Oog. It looked like the Reven, in tight formation were about to scatter the Necropolis to the wind when Malek hit the formation with a Scare that affected everyone but a single grunt. Retreating for one round to Rally allowed the Necropolis to regroup, kill some archers, and close on Yagun Oog. At the final bell the undead were ahead on points.


So the final standings:


1) Ravenwolf with Necropolis

2) Qwyksilver with Reven

3) MgMaranda with Necropolis



1) Dizzyjer with Borsig Spline

2) Stormus with Koda Works

3) Ravenwolf with Borsig Spline


I'm not sure of the winners of the various painting contests, except that Stormus won for best Sci-Fi for his section of CAV. I think Darthiir won the speed paints but I could be wrong.


A few last points before I yield the floor:


1) Much thanks to Qwyksilver, first to show & last to go, for helping with the store's restock (the whole new Reaper order waited for the Invitational so it would all be there for us) and for general helpfulness. Also thanks to Mgmaranda who ran some demos and was also very helpful. I appreciate both you guys.


2) We managed to pull in a few new players and sold at least 3 army box sets, so you know folks will be playing! Others that just watched for the day also started painting minis by the end of the night, so the hobby grows.


3) The store had one of its better sales days in months, which makes everyone happy. Much thanks to all our gamers for supporting our FLGS. The Wizard's Tower also shot up to #3 on the RAGE stores, but I have no idea how that's measured. ;)


So, we had a great time, lots of good Reaper gaming and painting, and we look forward to doing it again!



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1) Dizzyjer with Borsig Spline

not sure where you get the Borsig Spline from (other than you are subliminally influenced by me...) but DizzyJer reported his as KDM ....


Yes, Darthiir did win both rounds of the Speed Painting as well as the Fantasy Entry Category. Stormus won SciFi Entry and DizzyJer's big diorama won the third category.



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Although I am listed as being an Overloards player (my favourite faction but I lack a force to supposrt them) I have been playing Necropolis. As such I have to point out that the armies of Judas now controll the Forgewalk Marches. Craclaw can't be far off.



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Couple of comments:


I hate speed painting ::D: You have 45 minutes...go. I have a nicely highlighted and shaded crimson cloak. You have 10 minutes. OH ****!!! I am a slow painter. I paint so slowly, it's worse than watching paint dry because it's slower than that! I forget about the whole time thing and focus on a part too much.


Yeah, that Scare really screwed me in the finals. At least Yagun and Narg survived and can return and wreck vengence for the defeat. Bad Necco Wafers. That battle against your Overlords was scary lucky for me with that first round. And don't listen to Pete, Yagun Oog is a big sissy. He can't fight and runs away if you look cross eyed at him.


As far as all the help, not a problem Pete. No biggie. I think I have now seen every single available model in stores for Warlord now and can sort them according to name, rank and serial number ::D: I just wanted to throw them all on a table and dive into them like Scrooge McDuck and his money bin.


Now that I've had a few games under my belt and gotten a better handle on how my troops work, I am definitely looking forward to more games and R'CON.

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