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Round Two...


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State of Emegency was declared for the sole purpose of getting additional federal funds for the snow removal. One of the added benefits is that all non-essential state employess don't have to work. Since I work for the state. Snow day!!!


I have a 4x4 now so I'm not terribly concerned with the snow fall, since I drive cautiously. I'm more concerned about the other idiots out there doin 50+ when there's an inch of snow on the highway. Spent 5 years in Maine in college. Snow didn't faze me then when I was drving a Tempo. Only killer is the extra driving time you have to spend getting anywhere.


We also got a bit more snow than you guys did for this last one. ::D:



I just wanted a day off to paint ::D:

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Noooo, state of emergency was Saturday/Sunday when the state got 2+ feet, there were sustained winds of 30-40 mph with gusts up to the 70's and coastal flooding. Something like 20K homes lost power on the Cape.


I just didn't want to go to work today because it was a lot of travelling to client visits and hoped the Gov would wimp out and let me have another day off ::D:


Buffalo is crazy snow. Snow doesn't faze me, it's more the other idiots on the road that worry me. Even with all that. Don't think I'd like to Winter up there.

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Heh heh. well we got a "little snow" last night. The pretty kind that looks nice and pretty. See?



and see again.


Isn't it pretty? the second is a shot across the lake. Nice and fluffy, and wet. Just perfect for snowballs and snowmen. And best yet, no wind today!


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