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Paint Kit Ideas


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Actually army geared paintsets can be quite handy and the Flames of War folks are doing quite well with the ones they have been producing. They are simply re-packaging VMC into a box, but with an instruction sheet on how to paint the uniforms for that nationality.


I think it would be quite a good idea for Warlord especially for introducing new folks to the game. I can sell them on the game at the demo then show them the starter box for their favorite faction and hand them a box of paint to get them started. It is something that GW doesn't do, it could be quite successful.

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I agree with all of your conlusions Ann, well except number seven and I agree with you there as well, but with a disclaimer. I bet you feel better knowing I agree with you ::P:


Anyway on to point number 7. You feel that your loyal customers would feel that Reaper was trying to gouge them out of money in order to get specific miniatures in the LTP kits. Well it all depends on what the financial goal is. If it would increase purchases of the LTP kits by 20% then I think it would be worth it. Reaper is in a unique place right now with the release of the new paints. Most people do not have those paints yet, or not all of them and would be more willing to buy LTP kits with them and unique miniatures. Yes you are strongarming the customer to a certain degree, but if the market will support it, it may be beneficial. Going a similar but different direction, you could release those same miniature into the regular line six months after the release of the LTP kit. Anyway, it is just an idea, but you would frustrate a percentage of your customer base.

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2) Anne, can you please shoot for October for that painting book? It would make a great birthday present. ::D:


4) I have free access to a laminator, so that wouldnt be an issue for me (love elementary schools), but I do agree that the holes for the binder would have a tendency to tear. Nothing a box of reinforcing rings wouldn't fix though. I just like this option because then you can post a page on a bulletin board in front of your painting area as a reference rather than the book, which will take up valuable horizontal real estate. And a spill on a book is just as likely as on a binder. Would there be any chance of getting an option for the binding type, though I guess you could just remove the binding/staple of the booklet and make your own Binder pages.


6) I'm not a huge fan of the army paint kit since I do not want to conform to a preset color scheme - if these were historicals, I'd probably feel otherwise. I'd hate to see people, especially those new to the game, feel like they are expected to paint their army a specific color because that is what Reaper is putting out as the Reven Paint Kit. I'd much rather see your second option of making the lists available to people of the colors you used to paint up your figures. Anything included in an army specific kit would likely be a rehash of information already provided in another LTPK just geared towards the specific army.



Thank you Anne for taking the time to not only solicit our thoughts and ideas, but then to actually listen to what we want. It really shows how much this company respects and cares about its fans/customers.

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I love that you've asked for our input and appreciate your feedback.



1) Yes, you definately need to look at who your target audience for the LPKs are. Of course those of us who aren't beginners and already own the entirety of the Reaper paint line aren't interested in the LPKs.


2 & 4) I agree that with the MM that TSR put out, the pages did have severe problems in tearing and whatnot. The reason I thought it would be a good idea with the Reaper Paint Book was that, as Qwyk has said, a hardbound book has several limitations:

  • It doesn't lay flat very well. If you could spiral-bind it, this would help.
  • If a page in a binder is spilled on, you can simply, and less expensively, replace that page. If the hardbound book gets a spill or damaged, you have to pay to replace the entire book.
  • Valuable Desk Space. For many of us, painting space is at a premium (we don't have Jester's setup) so having a single page we can remove at will is easier to manage and doesn't take up that valuable space. Reinforcement rings are inexpensive and work well.
  • As for laminating, you could always leave that up to the consumer.

But, I can also see where having a hardbound is better for Reaper. There is a greater chance of people just copying single pages to hand out to friends and whatnot. Also, printing costs, as a lump sum, would probably be less as you're looking at a greater number of pages initially, hitting those price points. Plus I'd imagine a hardbound cover would be cheaper than specialty printing on a binder.


3) Of course, you're still going to run into all sorts of problems with duplicating colors with all the sets, unless you market them in a way where the consumer understands to "buy this one first" so not only can they increase their paint collection, but also learn the valuable baby steps needed before going into the more advanced techniques (such as learning how to shade and highlight before learning NMM). Or you can include different colors (like purple instead of blue, and different shades of the primary colors).


5) No problem. A color wheel is just one of those "Wouldn't it be nice to have" things. ^_^


6) Since I'm not an army-building type person, this doesn't really affect how I'll buy paint. Besides, if it's paint, you can be pretty well assured I'm going to buy it. :lol:


7) I like that Reaper limits their production of limited edition minis, however a good idea was brought up in that you could include a newly released mini with the LPKs and then release it to the general populace a few months later. The T-Rex would be a prime (albeit expensive) example of a released later mini. Of course, it would have to be smaller scale. Along this same thought, a LPK Dragons would HAVE to have it's own mini.


8) And this goes back to #1, where you have to pick your target audience.


I am excited about the upcoming hardbound, but I will most likely see if I can get it at least spiral bound if not put it in a binder of my own.


So, how about a Reaper Binder in the SWAG? Perfect for school, gaming, and keeping your painting notes! :devil:

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Alas, I spent ten years in the retail arena and hated every moment of it, but I did pick up some skills. I always try to treat the person behind the counter as a human being.


I just wish the Big Corporations who employed them did the same.


As for my ideas, they are only what I would like to see as a consumer. ^_^

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Please, Please tell us that you are not going to have this book printed overseas again.


Oh and I would also seriously consider doing this softbound rather than hardbound or maybe do both. I can already tell you that this would be one of the few books I'm going to cut the binding from and laminate and spiral bind it. Guess I will end up buying two since I can't hardly bear the thought of what I plan to do to it.



For the veteran gamer a box of paints specific faction may not go over well, but for the new person being introduced to the concept for the first time I think it will go over very well.

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Is there plans on releasing a LTP: CAV kit??? Might be a good thing to do considering painting any mecha is a bit different than painting a fantasy figure. Some techniques still apply and I like to do a little "paint-fusion" between the traditional military modeler and fantasy styles, but a kit or some instructions/step-by-step would help produce some better looking minis out there... :B):

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I expounded on the idea of painting 'supplements' as a set of pages to put in a binder last year or so. :)


Glad to see I'm not the only insane one.


The only reason I still think that something like this is a good idea is that it could be included in a casket works, or it could be shipped as a seperate product, or available in sets. You could have supplements on airbrushing, terrain making, etc, w/o all the startup cost of printing a whole book, or purchasing one.


If you are worried about durability, you could print these LTP 'flyers' on tyvek. It's nearly indestructible. The holes would never tear out, and if water was spilled on it, just dry it off.


I'd pay $5 for a double sided 5-10 page set.




I'm sure these guys could give a quote. :)

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A random idea I had today, maybe someone has already suggested it.

If you come out with a full blown how to paint book, what about including miniatures; ones that are used in the book to paint? That way you can follow along without having to go out and buy those specific miniatures. Also, if you include multiples of that mini, it would give the customer more chances to experiment.

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Man this is going to rock!!


I can hardly wait for the book now.. I too am goint get the binding cut and going to have each page laminated and then holed for a binder.. so I can easily remove them and such.. as I to am limited on painting space.. since I frequently paint at other places besides my home too :)


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Personally, I think what would sell better is something that TSR did with their monster manual in 2nd edition.


Just write the booklet in looseleaf form and sell a looseleaf binder with the Reaper Logo and/or Sophie on the cover. :wub:


Then people could buy the booklets that have a listing of what paint to purchase for the LTP and purchase the mini of their choice to practice on.


This has many added benefits:

  • Tabbed areas in the binder from the individual LPT booklets to a pinning guide.
  • A pocket area where people can keep their brushes safely during travel.
  • A safe and secure area where people can keep all their painting notes.
  • Premade Reaper Tabbed Pages with loverly glossy pictures of loverly Painted Reaper Miniatures.
  • Could even add, if the book were big enough, a space for people to keep Warlord and/or CAV stat cards.
  • A Reaper Paint color wheel. One for Masters and one for the Pro Paint. :wub:

Such binders would be a wonderful way to promote all Reaper products. Tabs could be labeled from "Thinning Paint" to even "Basic Miniature Photography" tips. By selling each tabbed area as a seperate package, you allow the consumer to purchase exactly what they need, plus you keep the added advantage of keeping people from making multiple paint purchases in the LTP kits. Another added benefit is that sometimes those LTPKs sit on shelves for a while and the paint goes bad (I've had this happen in one LTPK I purchased). The average consumer does not know Reaper's stand on product return. Chances are they would just "deal with it" and never return it or never buy future Reaper paint because of that one bad batch. It would also cut down on customer returns on those lines, plus the customer could purchase the mini of their choice.


You'd probably end up getting a lot of people who normally buy from other manufacturers picking these up.


Just a suggestion. :upside:

I think this is by far the best idea so far.. no offense to the others.. The Reason I beleive this is no other company has done this.. and I KNOW I would purchase it all! Especially if it was loose leaf.. that way I can use them with my notes as well. I have plenty of notes :)

I think to having in the pamphlets the right paints to purchase would be better then a kit by far! that way they are not purchasing duplicates... and the case with kits... they may just want the pamphlet inside any ways.. and have to purchase all the paints just to get the pamphlet.. not that it would not be a boon to purchasing so to speak... but think of all the paints that would be sold this way... instead of having to buy all the paints to get to needed tutorial... but you get the tuitorial and it encourages the purchase of the paints.


Most customers seeing this will become more lloyal because they see that Reaper is trying to save them money but in the long run getting closer to taking the market over so to speak


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Anne since there has been so many requests for the binder idea of the book i have a small suggestion. print two versions of the book. Since i work for a book P&P I can tell you that its not a new idea. Make your standard Hard bound book and then a second spiral bound. There is also a new form of 3 ring binders available that are expandable. they dont have rings inside but instead have 3 bolts that you can unscrew and add or remove things from. I would love to see this project come through my plant ::D: but since its probably inappropriate to try to "sell" my company i wont try. (to much). If you would like to hear more about this feel free to e-mail me about it. I would also like to suggest that if you do make a 3-ring style binder or even the sprial bound book make sure you use 80 lbs matte or 100 lbs gloss paper. the old D&D books are done in 70 lbs focus or matte i believe. these papers are a lot thicker and sturdier than the 70 lbs stuff.

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