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Getting A Pic From PC to Post.


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It's there now, but I don't think it's right. :unsure:  


The way I did it was:


- Transfer the pic to the computer, where it gets picked up by Picture Project.


- Hit "Print Screen".


- Save it to a Paint file.


- Crop it, then save it again as a JPG.


- Open it with Internet Explorer.


- Attach it to the post.




This can't be the right way to do it...is it? :huh:  


Tommy. :wacko: 





I originally posted this in a thread with the first pic I've posted with my new camera. I had hoped to get feedback in there, but maybe posting it in this area will garner more. I don't actually know how to post pictures. The way I did it worked (sorta), but I'm unsure whether it's how it's actually done. Any feedback would be most helpful. ::(:


Tommy. -_-

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Well... it kinda looks right to me, but quite honestly, I've never used Picture Project before (that's the software that comes with a Nikon digital camera, correct?)


Bascially, once you get the photo on your hard drive, crop it/adjust it or what have you with your photo editing software of choice, and save it to your hard drive as a *.jpg file. (Why *.jpg? - Jpegs use Lossy Compression. They can be further compressed than GIFs, while maintaining more color depth and calrity than the GIF format.)


Once you've got your file, you've got a few options:


a) Upload it to your own web-site, and embed it in a post here using the "IMG" command, like this: TheP.gif


I took the actual url of the picture (in this case http://www.thepolo.org/Linked/TheP.gif), and use the image tags to embed it like so:


a) Upload it to your own web-site, and embed it in a post here using the "IMG" command, like this: [IMG=http://www.thepolo.org/Linked/TheP.gif]


b) Attach the image file using the 'Attachments' dialogue at the bottom of the show-off forum's message window.




Make sure that you have saved the picture somewhere on your computer (duh ::D: ) Use the 'Browse' button to find the image on your hard drive, and click 'open'. The image then becomes attached to the post, and marked with the 'Attached Image' label.

The good thing about attaching an image: The posted picture doesn't use your personal bandwidth to show it off to all of the forum folks.

The drawback: Only one picture per post.


Did I answer your question?

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what you want to do is get yourself a mac ::P:

-take photo

-plug in camera -> iphoto opens automatically

-use iphoto to crop and adjust brightness/levels -> save as jpg

-edit in photoshop if, say, you want to get multiple views in the same picture

-attach to post ::):

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If you're wondering how to get your image from camera to computer-file easily, and you are a Windows XP user, try this.


Once you have your camera connected to the PC via USB cable, try opening the file by looking for a new driver. My computer automatically detects any new devices as soon as they are installed or switched on and asks me which software I want to open information from the new device with. I can then use Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to browse the images on my camera.


Luckily my Olympus came with some alrighttish photoediting software so I can load images there and edit them. Usually a new camera comes with some kind of software even if it's minimal no-frills. Check with your owner manual for suggested software.


If it's how to post to the net you're wondering about, ThePolo gave a pretty dang good little tutorial there.


If you want to share images around the net, and not just on this forum, check Google for "free image hosting" and you should be directed to several good for-free image-storage sites that allow you to upload your pics to their servers.

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