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This was one of my x-mas presents from Santa this year. ::):


From start to finsish I've got about 22-25 hours invested in this piece. I used mostly Reaper Master Paints and some GW paints. This is one big model. I had no good place to shoot pics, so I am sorry for the "dark kitchen" background.


I attached the model to a small wooden base that includes 9 skeletal victims, three tree stumps, three discarded shields, one broken sword, a spear, 21 rocks, and a lot of static grass.


The model is pretty much done except for a couple coats of dullcote and some felt attached to the bottom of the base.


I had not painted a dragon of this size for several years. It was great fun, but very challenging in many ways.


I'll try and take some better shots of the base if anyone is interested.






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Yes DA. I attached him to the base very early and my hand would cramp from holding the base with the weight of the dragon. I painted him fully assembled with the exception of the head, which I painted separately and attched in the final stages aafter painting.


Strangely, I spent almost as much time on the base as I did the dragon itself! :blink:



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Oooh! I'm painting this one up currently as well... with lots of breaks! The sucker is heavy, and unweildly as heck!


I really lke the paint job, Stern! Is that the color scheme that was on the box? I'm deviating a bit... (my wife wanted him to be green for some reason.) I'm really liking the purple! Quite a bit of deapth to 'im!


I will also echo the sentiment, and request a pic of that base! It looks really detailed from a distance!

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