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Hunt for a CAV


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I have been known to be wrong before, it does happen.


I know the Emperor was rendered through 3-d modeling and was not sculpted by hand.


I know the only way that Reaper would have a copy in their hand is from the 3-d model printer.


I know that all of the miniatures in the CAV line that Reaper has in their posession have been cast and released.


I'm not trying to be arguementative. I was only trying to help. I can be wrong.


good luck finding the mini for which you are searching,


cher ::):

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There have never been any pictures of actual Emperor models, especially not long ago. No one at Reaper has even said if any masters exist, but if they do, they weren't made before Reaper switched offices.


Could you be thinking of the Dictator instead? Besides having similar names, they look alot alike too (purposely).



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Honestly your best bet is to simply go to Reaper's store and look through the CAV models. If you don't see it there, it's not available to the public yet.


AFAIK, this is the only picture of the Emperor that's ever been released to the public. emperor.gif

It's from Blitz's site. He's the guy who designed and modeled the mini, so he'd know for sure. You can probably send him a PM here to ask him a question, otherwise get ahold of him over at mil-net (the link is in my .sig).


[edit] Now that I think about it tho, I do remember somebody telling me a while back that they'd found a website were the guy had scanned all of the pictures from the JoR's and posted them on the web. Maybe that's where you saw it.

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