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Reaper of the Apocalypse War


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Hi Aphrella,


Firstly, this is a good effort because this is quite an ambitious mini to paint! I hope you won't be offended if I give you a few observations to help improve the quality of your painting...


1 Slow down


Don't load too much paint on the brush - just dip the very smallest part of the tip into the paint before applying

Keep your brushstrokes small and even. It helps to have your arm resting on the edge of the table to keep things steady

Stay within the lines - make sure your paint coverage stays where it should be. This is mostly impacted by the speed which you apply the paint, lighting and how steady you maintain you hands / arms and the mini.


2 Paint Thinning


You can lose detail if your paint is applied too thickly. There are different ways to do this and you can search these forums to find all sorts of advice on it. Your shading and detail will drastically improve once you find methods you are comfortable with. When you first start thinning your paints you might get frustrated with the fact that sometimes it takes a little longer to get good coverage. Don't be discouraged by this - you will be rewarded by a better looking mini - especially as you develop blending and highlighting skills.


3 Gradually Learn Techniques


Start simple and learn a few tehniques like drybrushing, highlighting etc. Don't expect to be blending Non Metallic Metals in 3 hours but slowly build on your skills with practice. Again this site and other mini painting sites offer advice on how to get certain looks or perform certain techniques.


A good example is your white fur - white can be a really hard colour to pull off with a mini. Search the net and these forums for techniques. You might be surprised how many other colours get used to generate a "white" coat.


4 Keep Trying and practicing


We all have a different eye for things and learn at different paces. If you have trouble with something keep trying. Come to forums like this for advice.

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I too would like to toss in a few pointers. Firstly, I agree with everything said above. Now, I would like to note on color scheme. I think it'd be best to plan the colors out before you use them. However, thats a pretty good attempt as that mini is indeed quite a hard sculpt to paint. Keep practicing and *gasp* maybe you'll be our next Jester :B):



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Heres a nice face tutorial for you focusing mainly on the eyes, as this is really what brings out the life in a mini ^_^




And here is one on thinning paint as suggested by HaleBop




You should also check out the web sites of some of the painters on here, mine doesn't have any articles on the hobby itself however, its only a business web site which isn't up and running yet.





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Thanks for the feedback guys - I know I've got a lot of work to do to get as good as some of the painters here, but I'm mostly doing it for fun at this stage. I have seen many of the tutorials here, but don't have loads of time to practice my painting either. :blush: As for the eyes on this guy - I couldn't find them before I painted, so I just went without for the time being. If I'm feeling brave later, I may just paint them in freehand. (since I haven't clear coated this guy yet.)

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... As for the eyes on this guy - I couldn't find them before I painted, so I just went without for the time being. If I'm feeling brave later, I may just paint them in freehand. (since I haven't clear coated this guy yet.)

If you have bits you're unsure about painting (this is true of most freehand work), clearcoat the mini and do the freehand over the clearcoat. It makes it much easier to correct if you make a mistake and want to re-do it. Just add a few more layers of clearcoat once you've finished.


I know a lot of painters who use intermediate layers of Testor's DullCote to protect what they've done up to that point on a mini before going farther.

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