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Recommend me some anime


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well let me look at my shelf here




blue gender


slayers (super hilarous dnd type fantasy anime)

bubblegum crisis 2040 (id highly recommend this)

arc the lad

ghost in the shell (movies 1 and 2)

ghost in the shell stand alone complex (4disks out so far)

cowboy beebop (everybody is right watch this anime)


flcl (some of the oddest stuff you ll ever see)

Lain (very strange anime)


vampire hunter d (classic)

el hazard

kenshin/ samurai x


well that should be a good start anyways :P

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You know when I said that the end of Evangelion would make you brain hurt?


Flcl or Furi Kuri or fooley cooley or what ever they call it now will make your brain bleed. From the moment it starts until the moment it ends it makes absolutely no sense.




Fair Warning.

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Darksoul, is Kenshin/Samurai X the same anime that was on Cartoon Network Adult Swim as Rorouni Kenshin?

rorouni kenshin is the original series and was indeed shown edited on cartoon network. samurai x is done by a different company but is about kenshins past. also there was a third season of kenshin that was never shown on tv. i havent seen it yet.

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For old-school giant robot action, try Getter Robo Armageddon. Great stuff....ya gotta love giant robots with battle axes, tomahawks, and tattered capes.


If you like supernatural/horror stuff, Hellsing is a good vampire series. Vampires with big guns....fun stuff.


For fantasy, my fave is Bastard!! If you're a fan of Metal, there's lots of cool/funny references(like a vampire that looks like King Diamond, for example).


Another great horror/action anime is Devilman; one of my all-time favorites. Be warned, it's VERY violent. :devil:


Oh, another fantasy/supernatural title I reccomend is Ushio and Tora....the story of a young guy and his tiger-demon. Good action and humor.


Hope this helps ya. :B):

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I'm not a big fan of anime (Kaiju Eiga, now there’s a genre!) but I second those that recommended Patlabor, and I thought Ghost in the Shell was really beautiful, though I had a hard time following it (english dub).


Has anyone seen Steam Boy? I'm not sure that it's out.

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Ghost in the Shell was rather heavily trimmed down from the manga storyline. It's available in a collected paperback edition if you care to pick it up and check out the whole story.


I've really been enjoying Last Exile - steampunk goodness, complete with Battle Airships.


I'd also like to chip in two bits for Mai-HiME, which I've just started, and looks to have all sorts of interesting weirdnesses. It's one of those fun little "normal girl goes to new school, weird stuff happens, girl acquires super-powers and has to fight monsters while Weird Mystic Conspiracy plays out" sort of stories, with some quite charming characters to make it work well.


As for Gasaraki, the best description I can give is "Tom Clancy otaku reinvents Evangelion".

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Full Metal Alchemist: Awesome anime... the ending strays a bit and breaks some rules, but overall a very good anime and one of my favourites if not my most favourite.


Full Metal Panic: Fumuffo: Honestly, I didn't like the first season which was mostly about robots and secret army groups and terrorists and tried to be mostly serious. The second season dubbed "Fumuffo" was much more of a high school anime.


Great Teacher Onizuka (or GTO): An amazingly good anime, and the manga is even better. No robots, but it's a series you never want to end.


Gunslinger Girl: Actually, this one is pretty damned depressing, but I still enjoyed it immensely. The manga is not so great.


Chrno Crusade: I liked it, but not nearly as much as the others I've listed. Okay, so maybe I'm listing it only because Rosetta is hot. And the opening and closing themes are great.


Midori No Hibi: Only 13 episodes long, but totally hilarious. Has nothing to do with robots whatsoever, but has this incredibly bizarre and extremely funny premise.


Rune Soldier Louie: Definitely not one of the best animes of all time, and it has some slow episodes, but I really enjoyed what I've seen. Great chaotic D&D style fun.


Samurai Champloo: By the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop, and though I've seen only four episodes, they rocked in ways I can't describe. If the series maintains this level of quality and enjoyment, it's going to rapidly replace Full Metal Alchemist as my favourite anime.


One disclaimer: I watch anime in Japanese with subtitles... I have yet to enjoy an English dubbed one, mostly due to really bad voice actors.



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