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Recommend me some anime


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All I caught was the end of The Big O. May have been the problem.::P:


So there were mech's fighting on a holodek, and the hero yelled alot while women in labcoats watched on monitors. Whaaat?


Wolf's Rain looked great though, just had no idea what was happening.

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Wolf's Rain.


Postapocalyptic Earth.


Wolves are thought by most to be extinct, but they really have been living under the illusions that they are human and blending into the populace. There's a very upper class of people called nobles who may or may not be supernatural in Nature.


Wolves hold the key to opening the door to paradise, when they connect with the flower maiden.


It's ultimately very cool, but if you miss an episode you'll be lost for a bit until they rehash things.

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I'm pretty sure it's just an illusion because in the first episode you see one of the wolves reach out to grab a falling kid as a human and within a few frames you see a shot of a wolf's mouth closing around the kid's shoulder.


Same thing in the 2nd episode. Kid reaches out to grab bird, but wolf bites it.

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You'll either like this, or think it's just plain weird



Large Mega-Deuce's (Occassionally phallic, frequently unique Mecha Shaped-things). There are English Dubbed and Japanese versions of this. It's an occasional adult swim thing. It takes itself quite seriously.


Lessee: Paradigm city is this big city in a dome... Every one has lost their memory. Civilization is in place (as far as everyone can tell). Roger Smith is a "negotiator" - essentially he runs around researching stuff until the end of the Episode where he gets in his Mecha thing (Big-O) and beats up the other Mecha thing that shows up by the end of the episode.


What would a big city in a bubble be without a Monopolistic corporation that has the city's government in it's pocket? nothing... so you've got that. Pardigm is Paradigm City's mega-corporation. It's big boss is alternately hiring Roger Smith or hiring someoone to kick his rear.


Somewhere around the end of the 3rd season Roger becomes aware of another city and/or group that has a grudge against Paradigm city ooor Roger and Big-O. I dunno...


Don't expect to see any of the subplots the first time around - although I'm not saying ya won't .... I think it took me watching several episodes and getting a feel for the "long drawn out plot" approach it was taking....



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Hmmm, wolves are better drivers than I thought ::P:


Thanks ixminis. You actually pointed out one of my big problems with a lot of genre shows, (anime not withstanding), they are often too self-important for their own good.


Kinda like me ::D:

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Re-animating an old thread to proclaim my love for the GITS: Stand Alone Complex soundtrack. It's all over the map genre-wise: rock/pop/techno, Vangelisy bits. But I've really enjoyed it.


Oh and I'm all hooked on GITS now, would be nice if Adult Swim ran a marathon so I could pick up the first part of the season.

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Good luck with that, Nanite. I stayed up last night to watch Venture Brothers and the Bumps were complaining about the low Anime Show ratings for the previous week.


I guess they don't realize that most humans can't stay up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning to watch their shows. Instead, we get the 75th cycle of Futurama and Family Guy re-runs.


I really need to get a TIVO. Even my wife was digging GITS and Full Metal Alchemist last week when we got home late and were too wired to go right to bed.

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I won't knock the Futurama, since I missed it completely the first time around, and I love Dr. Zoidberg.


Family Guy is evil though, as it may be responsible for Arrested Development's death. Plus it's in Syndication, on TBS, and the Adult swim blocks. Enough.


I would be all for a lineup shuffle. Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are certainly past my bedtime, though I will stay up for GITS on occasion.

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Heh, I never liked Vampire Hunter D very much...but I'm refreshed to see no one mentioned either Ninja Scroll or Fist of the North Star. Godaweful crap I did ever see...

Then allow me to be the first and to say that maybe all your taste is in your mouth ... <_<


Ninja Scroll

Cowboy Bebop

Outlaw Star


Wing of Honneamise

Blood: The Last Vampire (but rent it since it's short ... but there is a TV series starting soon in Japan)


serial experiments: lain


The Big O I&II


Bastard! (heavy metal comedy fantasy)


Of course what you will like depends of why you like certain anime. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star and Trigun all came out at the same time and all have a space western feel. Trigun is the most literal, while Cowboy Bebop is more figurative and playing with western conventions in a non-western environment. Outlaw Star has bother leteral and figurative elements of a westrn with some fantasy thrown in to boot. But because you liked one doesn't mean you'll like the others or if you disliked one it doesn't mean you'll hate the others. More important than saying what you like is probably saying why you liked it. Then it becomes easier to recommend stuff.



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