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Lots of Blood Wolves of Ritterlich

Froggy the Great

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The pic isn't very good, but hey, I got these and 9 frogmen done yesterday, so I'll take what I can get, considering how badly the camera was misbehaving at me.




Jokingly called "the Dire Terriers" by nobles in the Moonscar Court, these vicious canines were bred for the favored sport of fox hunting. They were bred small but with huge foreclaws and strong jaws, so that they may subdue even the toughest fox. Lately Baron Ashabre has taken a liking to the breed, taking on a pack of his own for hunting larger prey. The efficiency of the foxhunters pleases the Baron, as they find their way

through any obstacle to sneak up on their prey, then take it down with a brutal sneak-attack.

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