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New greens


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He's Nefsokar.
Which, by my reading, was fairly common garb for Phaoronic Egyptian soldiers


Ahhh! See... that makes sense... I should have known from the bird on his dress... errr... kilt.


Something I've been meaning to ask. Why do some greens have metal already on them? LIke the shin guards on this new green? I can understand pre-made swords, but shin guards, shoulder pads?


A few reasons... sculpters sometimes use things called 'dollies', which are basically cast frameworks that they sculpt on top of... Some sculpters have a few custom dollies that they use to create thier figs. Dollies with pre-sculpted pants, pre-made faces or hands are somewhat common...


Or, sometimes a sculpter will re-do a fig by adding on to or changing an original piece (see the ViC showcase mini from 2001, I think... it was very similar to a familiar Reaper mini!).


Zat essplain it?

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im dissapointed by the dervishes... very plain imo... and how come they werent done by guthrie so they match all the other living nefsokar models?

the warbride on the other hand is AWESOME... that combined with the equally awesome overlord warriors makes me want to start an overlord army too.. looks like all the races chaz sculpts will become the most popular ^_^

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Damn, that Warbride is just amazing.


I guess I will have to look at making Overlord my third army. I am very fond of the sculpts, thought Mercenaries appeal to me too since their figures are so varied, I can make use of them for roleplaying as well.


Oh yeah, and not until after I finish my Reven. (gods I wish I had Jester paint speed sometimes)


And then start & finish my Dwarves.

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