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Sony Cybershot 2.0 DSC-P2 Advice Needed...


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With a digital recording device, there will always be a little digital noise in the data. This shows up as a small variation in the signal intensity, so with a big enough signal, the effect is too small to notice. With the high ISO settings, you are exposing the CCD to less light, so the magnitude of the noise is a greater portion of the total recorded signal. When the image is amplified for storage, the noise is amplified by the same factor, and is therefore much more noticeable. The same effect can also occur with very long exposure times.


So why would you want to use the high ISO setting then? They allow the photographer to use a faster shutter speed to capture action without blurring the photos or to take pictures in lower light situations. There is a trade-off between digital noise (or film grain) and the possiblilty of camera shake blur ruining the photo - it's much easier to correct for noise or grain than to fix blurred focus.


my 2c, YMMV

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