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what is the latest on the elephant minis??


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The Tsunami relief figures are shipping to distributors tomorrow, as are the following releases:


Exalted Miniatures


61014_____ Lunar Bull Exalted by Jason Wiebe $ 4.99


Warlord 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy


14124_____ Kevis, Overlord Vizier by Chaz Elliott $ 4.49

14165_____ Selwyn, Vale Sergeant by Werner Klocke $ 4.49


Special Edition Miniatures


The profits from these Special Limited Edition Miniatures will be donated to UNICEF and the Red Cross to aid in Tsunami relief efforts.


01410_____ Babu the Baby Elephant* $ 5.99

01411_____ Harapan, Elephant Man* $ 7.99


*Both models sculpted by Jason Wiebe, and will be available for a limited time only.

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I just came back from my local stores (rockford Il ,and Lovespark, Il).


No elephant minis yet.



Where do you go in Rockford?

Royal Hobby on East State. They have a couple of turners of reaper figs and reaper paints. Some GW stuff as well.


There is no game playing area and they have weird hours, BUT they have reaper stuff !!




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