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Where to buy cork?


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Our local Michaels used to have the thin 12"x12" self-adhesive sheets, of which I was very fond. But like all handy and useful products, Michaels got rid of it and replaced it with something I could just as easily get at a hardware store: big, fat, useless rolls of cork, at least 1/8" thick, probably more. In the same way they replaced the good Plaster of Paris with what is essentially wall spackle.


I prefer the super-thin because I primarily use cork as asphalt. I base modern minis with it, and the thinness allows one to cut around the natural base of a modern mini and make it look like it is standing flat without raising the height too much. The self-adhesive quality was a real bonus as bent or curved cork likes to resist glue sometimes. Also, cork tends to take a lot of primer or base coat to get good coverage and that means it wants to warp. Using the thick stuff for asphalt on a larger terrain is hazardous.


Oh well.


Anyway, you can also get cork from Orchard Supply Hardware (for those who have one in their area) in lots of different thicknesses, from 1/8" up. They cut it to size for you from rolls.

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I was looking for cork for a really really long time here in Australia without any luck. Just yesterday i finally managed to find some at Ikea ^_^ in the form of those heat mats you put under pots. Very cheap... $4 AUS (about $3US) for three mats.
You beat me to it - they have them at Ikea here in Canada too. These are round and cheap and roughly 1cm thick, maybe a mm or 2 more (I haven't actually measured them...) Interestingly enough (though probably only to me), I recently learned that things you put under pots to keep from burning your table (like these things) are called "trivets". I also have some square ones roughly half as thick, but unfortunately I can't remember where they came from.


Oh my goodness, I just noticed that Ardice is also from Ottawa. Yeah, if you're looking for the thicker ones, the Ikea here has them for sure. Just get off Hwy. 417 at Greenbank and head south for about a block; you can't miss it. But you probably know that. I would imagine any Wal-Mart would have something similar, likely in with the kitchen stuff.


(EDIT - Whoa, just noticed something else - Alicetrade must really want to sell some cork, 'cause Ardice asked about this over 3 years ago! I sure hope she found some by now...)



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Another source of cork is a decent bar. Wine corks are made of .. cork. Well, most of them are. Break them up and you get nice boulders.


Just have to watch out for the household felines that decide that the cork that you especially removed from the bottle for the specific purpose of using as basing material is more appropriately used as a implement of play and will end up in small chewed-upon pieces around the floor....


Not too helpful in that state.

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