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Old CBT minis


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Yes Ral Parthe (now Iron Wind Metals) made the old Battletech minis. This included the Warhammer, Archer, Marauder and other Robotech mecha copies. The funny thing is the Battletech pins and keychains were made by Reaper fo FASA.




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The Marauders will fetch the most, could be upwards of $20-25 each unpainted, or much higher if they are painted well.


Battlemaster and Archers should average about 18-20.


Stingers and other small buggers unfortunately dont sell real well, OOP or not.


The LAMs are hit or miss. In some cases they go for $25-40 at other times you'll be hard pressed to find someone wanting to spend more than $10. Just never know on them.


Here are the boards to advertise any CBT type sells on:





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If you sell them in groups, do it in groups of 2 and put a good seller with a bad seller (like an archer with a locust).


But the Marauders sell individual.


LAMs might sell better if you sell them with their non LAM counter part (LAM stinger with regular stinger).


And make sure to include the OOP into the tag line.

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I'm selling them for several reasons.


1. To help finance my trip to Dallas for RCON.


2. I sincerely doubt I'll ever get to play Battletech again. At least not like it once was.


3. I'm hanging on to my lead Shadow Hawk, cuz it's my mech. ::D:


4. Brutal honesty here, I loathe what WizKids did to Battletech. Not trying to start an argument here but I do.


5. I'm currently unemployed and need the money.


I'll inventory what I have in lead and post it here in a day or so. Off the top of my head I know I have one lead Marauder, ( I never liked it that much ), Four or five lead Warhammers that are all missing the SRM rack and searchlight, ( I took them off ), At least one lead Archer, five Phoenix Hawk LAM's, one Stinger LAM, two Locusts, one Battlemaster, a couple stingers, a wasp (maybe), a Phoenix Hawk and tons of 3050 and newer mini's. I know I have one lead Loki, one lead Thor and one lead MadCat.


Bear in mind all that is just off the top of my head without looking. I have a few tanks and aircraft but not many. If there's any interest in my old books ( well thumbed ) I'd be willing to part with some of them. I have some old moudules from the 3025 days like Tales of the Black Widow Company and More Tales of The Black Widow Company.


I'd be willing to entertain non e-bay offers from you guys via e-mail prior to my posting them on e-bay. A few months ago I inadvertently screwed myself hard on some old GW stuff, letting it go for a fraction of it's value, and I don't intend to make that mistake again. I intend to get a fair price for these things but I won't try to gouge anyone nor do I intend to give them away. ::):

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