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To be more precise, CAVs, Infantry, Tanks and Armored Vehicles are in N scale. Gunships and APCs are in 1/3 that scale (if I remember correctly). This was done b/c the actual size of those miniatures would have made models so large as to be cost prohibitive. Basically, Reaper had to decide which would sell better: 2 APCs in a blister for $12, or one for $15? $16 for a section of Tsuisekis or $50?


They opted to go for the more bang for your buck method. ::D:


@Spartan, don't worry bud, I'm just giving you a hard time. I know that you really wouldn't abandon your Mil-Net brethern and fight for the Reaperites. Especially since you wouldn't want me to go back through all of your posts on the forum and edit them to make you look like a 6th grade dropout. :poke:

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