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Toy vehicles

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I found some toy vehicles (modern) in the bargain bin in a toy store. They were really cheap so I bought a lot of them intending to use them as proxies in my games of CAV untill I get the propper minis (they will look a lot better on the gaming table than the folded paper we're using now). My questions are:


1) What are the dimensions of a CAV tank mini, I'm hoping the ones I've bought aren't too badly out of scale (hull of tank is 3.6 cm long and 2.2 cm wide).


2) I'm thinking about basing them on hexagon bases, since this will make turning and facing easier to do. Will this even make sence for CAV 2.0? or would I simply be wasting my time making a ton of plasticard hexagons.

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Well the tanks vary in size a little. A Despot is bigger than a Chieftain, etc. So it really doesn't matter exactly how big your proxies are (within reason) as long as it's understood that they don't occupy more than one hex worth of space. If it'll fit on a standard hex base then you're golden. ::):



I once put dozens and dozens of hours into converting Car Wars into Hot Wheels scale. I modelled cars, I built arena's, I drew and cut out turn key after turn key that I scaled up by hand with a engineer's scale, etc. etc. We had a blast with it so I don't consider any of it "wasted time." ::):

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A Hunter tank (which is about middle of the road in size) is 3.8 cm from bumper to bumper and 5.5 cm from bumper to cannon tip. Width is 2.2 cm, so you're dead on!


I think vehicles on hex bases really come down to a matter of personal taste. I don't base my tanks and other vehicles that can stand on their own. Only the stuff that tends to fall over gets a hex.


CAV 2 will use hexes tho, so you'll be safe with them if that's all you're worried about. (Please someone correct me if I screwed that up! :unsure:)

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