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To borrow a page from Dark Sun (Or Stark Fun, as we used to call it), you might want to let people make 3rd-4th level characters. For two reasons:


The first is: You're in some bad times, and obviously you're going to be Better Than The Average Bear.


Secondly, a 1st level character has a skill cap of 4 ranks for class-skills, 2 ranks for cross-class.


Now, a 4th level character has a skill cap of 7 ranks, so you could play a medic or a doctor or something other than a Recruit still on his first days at boot camp. (Let alone ATI...)


Just some thoughts from a GM.



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You guys really want to play higher-level characters?


Alright, how about this...


Anyone who wants to play a third level character will carry no wealth or equipment whatsovever (just wait until the game comes up, and you'll understand why...).


However, those who choose to be first-level can gain their starting wealth and equipment (in a stash, which I will also explain when the game comes up), or can choose a dwelling like a hideout or an apartment (choose either the equipment or the dwelling, not both).


How does that sound? ::):

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I would like to point out that I am not the one who is running this game. As I already said to the potential GM of this game, I'm just a guy with over twenty years of gaming experience, so I offer sometimes too-helpful advise.


His will be the final say in the matter, naturally.


In all honesty, I don't know why I'm posting to this thread. I'm not even going to play in the game...



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Nah, nah.


Storm, your advices are welcomed, man. I'm trying to run a game that will be enjoyed by all, not just me. ::D:


Alright, so far I have Ghost Rider's character sheet.


I need sheets from:












(Have I missed anyone? :unsure: )

Oh, and Smokin' and Lars Porsena, are you guys planning to play too? 8 character is cool... ::):


The sooner I can get them, the better. Thanks, guys. ^_^

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