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Okay so i am looking in the gallery for all the CAV's that catch my eye. In other words, the first CAV's that i will buy... So far the ones i really like are: Starhawk VI, Mantis, Duelest, Ogre, Thug, and the Gladiator II. After this i think i will get some infantry and armor. Well? What do yall think? Take for granted i still dont have my books yet.

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Wait until you have your books and know how combat works before you buy too much stuff.


Forces are constructed using a points cost system with each unit being worth "X" value. You and your opponent will decide on a points value for a game and then construct your forces based on the allowed number of points while taking into consideration what type of scenario you're playing.


Each CAV has strengths and weaknesses and different CAV's excel at things others don't. Some like the Starhawk or Mantis are considered "superiority" CAV's and their job is to stomp all over and shoot holes in things. Other CAV's like the Sovereign or Conqueror are designed to stand back and lob indirect fire missiles at your enemy and they really don't do well slugging it out with other CAV's. Even other CAV's like the Panther or Puma are designed to take on the role of "forward observer" or infantry hunting. These things apply to certain tanks and aircraft also. They were designed with a particular task in mind.


The choices you've made based on aesthetics are good, I'm a big fan of the Starhawk V, Mantis and Starhawk VI myself, but I strongly encourage you to wait until you have a better understanding of how combat works before making any definite decisions. There's going to be other CAV's you're going to want, like some of the super-heavy CAV's that are just too much fun to be resisted, i.e. the Rhino and the Thunderbird.


We could spend hours giving you advice about what units to buy but we all have different favorites. There's been a lot of discussion here and on Mil-Net about this and I would encourage you to search the threads where we "discussed" what units are best at what. ::):


Don't be affraid to ask questions abut anything either. We're always here to give advice and answer questions about "which IFM rack is best" and "who makes the best tank". ::):

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So far the ones i really like are: Starhawk VI, Mantis, Duelest, Ogre, Thug, and the Gladiator II. After this i think i will get some infantry and armor. Well? What do yall think?

All of these CAV's you're eye-balling are excellent choices. Here's my brief 2 cents worth on them:


Starhawk VI - THE BEST looking model in the game!!! Pricey unit but totally worth it, particularly for combined arms.


Mantis - Just a step down from the Starhawk VI. Go hard target hunting.


Duelist - Very handy with it's ECCM pod for helping itself and others gain Target Locks. Runs into power shortages though because of that pod though, especially since it's weapons dictate that it gets engaged with targets. The Tiger CAV just released and is very comparable to the Duelist, but without the ECCM pod. Could drop the ECCM pod off the Duelist to though.


Ogre - Me likey the Ogre as an aggressive super-heavy. Typically I'll add armor and speed upgrades.


IMHO... you could get these units before the books. I have yet to find anyone who didn't like CAV or regretted getting involved.


Thug - Never used one, but they seem to be a good deal for the points. Definitely a combined arms type unit though.


Gladiator II - Hard to argue against a Hughes Marietta CAV. Lot's of players like this unit, and it's comparable to the Mantis.


As for infantry, I never use heavy infantry, but do enjoy using light to moderately armed regualr infantry. Putting too many points into them seems wasteful. Defintely get trasnport units for them to max out their effectiveness.


Armored units - I love CAV's and planes so much that I rarely have any armored units. However, the tanks in general are great units, especially the Despots and Naginatas. You get what you pay for, and usually some more. 2 for 1 deal compared to many CAV's.

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I use a lot of Thugs. There a good all around CAV. I think of them like a Sherman tank. I usually give them an armor ugrade and swap thier dfm for a second ifm. Making it a poor man's artillery CAV. The only thing to remember is to keep them away from super heavies. They get chewed up pretty quickly vs them.

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