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Hi everyone,


So, I'm making this awesome diorama for a painting competition in May and I have a slight problem/concern/question.


The scene I'm painting is supposed to be occuring at night. Now, due to the fact that I would like to possibly be able to use the figures for other projects in the future (maybe) I haven't really painted them as "night time". I'm going to rely on the lighting effects of the torches two are carrying and the scenery.


So, here's my question. Originally, I was thinking of using just a normal dark green flocking for the grass and painting in a slightly darker shadow for each figure. The other day it was suggested I use static grass - because it looks so much cooler. The thing is, can I still paint it? Will it still work if I try to do that? Or should I go with my original plan? Any advice would be wonderful. This is the first diorama I've done and I'd like for it to look good (and yes, pictures will be posted when I finally get it done - two year's in the making it had better be done this spring!)


Thanks in advance :)



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You can paint static grass, but it isn't the easiest thing to do (at least for me). I usually have to drybrush it several times to get the color I want and avoid clumping. If you use superglue to secure the grass, you shouldn't have problems with it falling off, but try to use the brush in such away that the grass stays erect.


It would be best if you could find a dark brown grass and then brush on the highlights wherever the light is hitting it. You might look into stores that sell model trains, they generally have a good selection of grass (in various colors), but I don't know if they sell anything really dark.

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Yeah, you can paint it, but it can get ugly if it goes bad. Make sure you work on the base seperate from the miniature, that way if painting the grass gets ugly and you have to start over, you do not have to worry about damaging your mini when removing it from the base. I suggest taking a small piece of cardboard and practice with it and find out how it works for your intentions. You could also practice some of the torch light effects on your test grass. Good luck and make sure to share the finished work.

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